BTS Dream Open Beta Service Now Available in Canada

A new game in the works.
A new game in the works. Netmarble

The beta service for BTS Dream is now available in Canada. This new rhythm game features TinyTAN characters based on global superstars BTS.

This is the first rhythm game to ever feature TinyTAN, characters created and based on BTS. In BTS Dream, players get the chance to be the manager of TinyTAN. As their manager, players can decorate a worn-out “Dream World” and make TinyTAN stars, delivering a message of dreams and happiness all over the world.

In the game, players can also put the TinyTAN characters in a wide range of outfits like stage and animal costumes. Players can also decorate the house where the TinyTAN lives, which should increase familiarity with the different characters. Finally, players can take pictures of TinyTAN with the house as a backdrop.

There's no word on what platform the game is going to be launched on. More details of the game are to be released at a later date.

Korean pop group BTS has since its popularity continue to soar. The group has been able to release new singles during the pandemic with the latest one in collaboration with Coldplay titled "My Universe." It's been widely reported that they are headed to the White House to meet with President Joe Biden and discuss anti-Asian hate along with inclusion and representation. They also have a new show called "BTS Radio: Past & Present" on Apple Music 1 with the first episode airing on May 28.

BTS is no slouch either on the video game front. There have been collaborations that featured the boys like with MapleStory and Fortnite.

There's also an interactive social game titled BTS Universe Story. Here, players can create and develop stories and are given different choices that can lead to many outcomes.

BTS World is another title with a visual novel style that gives players the ability to be the group's manager. The story takes place before the big debut of the pop group. The goal is to make sure that BTS become the superstars that they are today. An original soundtrack was released after the launch, offering a total of 14 songs, including three main singles and seven solo "theme" songs.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming video game?

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