Bright Memory: Infinite Special Lunar New Year Update Features Two New DLCs

Special Lunar New Year Update
Special Lunar New Year Update Steam

The Special Lunar New Year update for Bright Memory: Infinite is now available. It features two brand-new DLCs: Cheongsam (New Year) and Cheongsam (Blue Flowers). You can get them for free right now, though they will become paid DLCs after the Lunar New Year sale.

Cheongsam DLC
Cheongsam DLC Steam

The game’s latest update also brings optimizations and adjustments. One significant improvement is that the energy recharge rate of the Exo Unit has increased by 20%. Another notable change is that screen shake has been reduced when you are hit by the enemy’s melee attacks.

For balancing changes, the damage of Blade Slash Whirlwind at Level 1 is increased by 40%. Moreover, the damage of Giant Blade Slash and Shock Punch is increased by 25%.

While some of the changes made benefit you, certain enemies received several favorable adjustments. For instance, the Elite Mechanical Soldier and Double-anchor Ancient Soldier now have a 50% chance of activating their super armor modes when attacked. In addition, all their attacks can no longer be interrupted, so it is best to avoid them at all costs.

Cheongsam Blue Flowers
Cheongsam Blue Flowers Steam

Patch Highlights

  • Addition of Lunar New Year-themed decorations to the main menu
  • Changed skin of doll located in a vehicle
  • Addition of new ranged-attacks for Giant King and Sex-armed Emperor
  • Addition of Magma Mountain Beast (spits fire)
  • Addition of Double-Axe Ancient General (releases electric)
  • Reduced the possibility of error windows appearing for certain operating environments
  • Optimized sliding motion to prevent getting stuck on certain objects
  • Optimized warning message when starting a new game to make it stand out more
  • Fixed issue where framerate drops during certain events in Changes
  • Reduced assault rifle's recoil action
  • Adjusted defend function so that defending in succession will reduce counter possibility
  • Increased Elite shield soldier's movement speed, attack frequency, attack range, and armor
  • Increased double-anchor ancient soldier's attack range
  • Fixed issue where players can go through overhead objects when using Aerial Slash attack
  • Fixed issue where special effects turn white for certain graphics cards
  • Fixed issue where reversing during car chase battle can cause the player to exit mission area
  • Fixed issue where Aerial Slash attack can miss certain shorter objects
  • Fixed issue where the enemy is reeled in even though grapple crosshair is not aimed at enemy

Bright Memory: Infinite Special Lunar New Year update is available on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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