Brawlhalla Starts Heatwave Summer Event

The heat is on.
The heat is on. Blue Mammoth

It seems summer has arrived in Brawlhalla with Heatwave 2021. Get the chance to grab exclusive seasonal items like a new Podium and nine summer skins.

This new event features water balloons instead of snowballs, and players can also enjoy the +250 bonus Gold per log-in. Experience as well a truly fun UI Takeover with new main menu music.

The new event also introduces the Brawl of the Week where everyone is invited to a Beachbrawl party. This 3v3 summer brawl has players throw water balloons at beach balls to push them through the goal. A team gets one point for every ball they manage to get past the other team’s goal. The team with the most points after two minutes wins.

For Heatwave 2021, here are the different items players can enjoy:

  • Exclusive Seasonal Skins
    • Riptide Petra
    • Beachside Zariel
    • Thor by the Shore
    • Brawl Dad Isaiah
    • Wipeout Nix
    • Pool Party Diana
    • Water Wars Cross
    • Island Azoth
    • Hotshot Vector
    • Dog Days Mordex
    • Atlantean Orion
  • ​Podium
    • Heatwave 2021 Podium
    • An animated Podium with new colors, sound fx, and tiki design.
  • ​Colors
    • “Heatwave” Colors
    • Get to feel the summer fun with bright blue, orange, and yellow colors.
    • Available for every Legend with hard-earned Gold.
  • KO Effect
    • “Hot Lava” KO Effect
    • An exclusive KO Effect for this event.
  • Avatars
    • “Endless Heat Wave” Avatar
    • An animated Avatar.
  • “Ice Kor-eam” Avatar
    • Purchasable with hard-earned Gold.

Parsec Invitational

This weekend, Brawlhalla is launching a special new event called Parsec Invitational. It features the best players in Europe and North America competing for a prize of $20,000. The competition for Europe is on June 5 while June 6 for North America.

Meanwhile, fans can enjoy the fights by watching the Twitch stream. They can also earn these Esports Viewership Rewards:

  • Exclusive Parsec Avatar
    • Be a part of history and display your love of remote gameplay with this rare Avatar.
  • ​Esports Colors
    • Show off your love of the Twitch streams with this rare black, silver, blue, and gold color scheme applicable for all Legends.
  • Golf Clap Emote
    • A polite display of approval, give your opponents some recognition with this distinguished Emote.

Learn more about what arrived in the game this week here.

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