Time to Party as Brawlhalla Celebrates Happy 5th Birthday

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! Blue Mammoth Games

They say there’s no party like a Brawlhalla party. Time to put that groove on the Five Year Anniversary celebration, already in full swing. There will be, among many others, new in-game features and the first-of-its-kind event that comes with exclusive items.

The game was officially released in October 2017 and was initially made available for PC and PlayStation 4. But the open beta went live in November 2015, so that’s probably when the party started.

Fifth Anniversary Event

Let’s begin with the celebration event. As mentioned, there are exclusive items including Themed Colors and new Skin for Bödvar. Players that log in during the event will earn the “Reveler” Title for free.

Here’s a complete list of exclusive treats:

  • Skin
    • Ritzy Bödvar
      • “I can bear-ly contain my excitement.”
      • Adorned with his Hammer Decorum and Gilded Glory, Bödvar is ready to celebrate in his new attire.
  • Colors
    • Gala Colors
      • Dress to impress with these white, black, and gold colors.
      • Available for every Legend.
  • ​Emote
    • 5th Cake-aversary
  • Podium
    • Gilded Deco
  • The Anniversary event also includes:
    • A free “Reveler” Title for logging in any time during the Event.
    • More frequent Brawl of the Week rotations featuring popular game modes.
    • New main menu, character select, and victory theme music.
    • Daily login bonus of 250 Gold to celebrate the event.
    • A new Anniversary UI Takeover.

Title Rewards

This year’s birthday celebration will introduce an exciting new feature called Titles. These are rewards players can earn when they make unique achievements. Once a player earns a title, it is seen above the player's name within the in-game lobby.

Plus, starting this year, players will receive an upgrading Title. That upgrade happens each year based on their Brawlhalla account’s anniversary.

New Test Features

Brawlhalla is currently testing new features. These are:

  • New Smoke Trails that are relative to the Legend’s velocity.
    • This Test Feature effect does not cover up Weapon Throws.
  • ​Updated Jump cloud effects for the player’s last air Jump.
  • Brand new effect for when a player is completely out of recovering options.
  • Visual updates to Dodge, Wall Touch cloud, and Gravity Cancel effects.
  • These visual effect Test Features are a continuing effort to improve the art and competitive clarity of Brawlhalla.

Read more about what's happening in this year’s celebration here.

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