Brawl Stars September Update: Balance Changes, New Characters, Game Modes And More

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Balance changes for 10 Brawl Stars characters hit the game this week. Find out everything that's new and changed in the September Brawl Stars updates. Player.One

Brawl Stars has been in soft launch for over three months now and while there’s no clear indication of if a global or, at the very least, Android release is anywhere on the horizon, the developers have been pretty busy the last couple of weeks tweaking and updating the game. Adding new characters, game modes, changes to Brawl Box rewards and more, Supercell continues to take suggestions and make improvements to make the game as fun as possible for everyone. Supercell has become notorious for the regular balance changes it brings to the characters in all of its games and Brawl Stars is no exception. In the latest update which rolled out just hours ago, players saw balance changes for 10 of the 18 available characters in the game. Below we’ve put together a brief overview of the latest balance changes, along with some details on other changes and new characters that have been added to the game this month.

Brawl Stars Balance Changes: Characters Getting Nerfed

Tara - A brand new character added to the game last week, the devs felt she was a bit “too strong” with her piercing attacks and spread. Her changes were as follows:

  • Decreased health from 800 to 700

  • Increased Reload time from 1.8s to 2.0s

  • Decreased range by 0.67 tiles

Bo - A real favorite in the game, the devs also felt this character’s four mines make him OP, as their push back often made them unavoidable. The following changes were made:

  • Decreased Mines from 4 to 3

  • Increased main Attack damage from 80 to 100

  • Decreased health from 900 to 800

  • Mine Pushback removed

Crow - a super rare character, but boy does he pack a punch. Finally, he’s seeing a downgrade.

  • Super charges slightly slower

  • Decreased main Attack range by 0.67 tiles

Mortis - Mortis is the most used Brawler in high-trophy games because of his quick movement in attacking and dashing away. He also received a nerf this cycle.

  • Movement speed decreased from 750 to 650 (equal to all Brawlers except Crow)

  • Super range decreased from 13.34 tiles to 10 tiles

Brawl Stars Balance Changes: Characters Getting Buffed

Pam - This is another brand new character to the game just announced last week. While I found this character interesting, I didn’t really see her as a threat. According to the devs, Pam is getting a buff to give her Healing Station more punch.

  • Super Heal Radius increased, and now heals 80 HP per second

  • Decreased main Attack reload time from 1.8s to 1.6s

  • Less spread in main Attack

  • Super charges in 20 hits instead of 21.

Colt - I love playing with Colt, but he’s been long overdue for a health buff. Here are his changes:

  • Increased health from 600 to 700

  • Decreased main Attack reload time from 1.5s to 1.25s

Richochet - this was another favorite of mine early in the game, but his low health stats made it hard to keep choosing him. His health buff has also been long overdue. Changes for Richochet include:

  • Increased health from 600 to 700

  • Decreased main Attack reload time from 1.25s to 1.0s

Dynamike - Increased health from 600 to 700


  • Increased health from 600 to 700

  • Main attack Rockets now fly 17% faster

Poco - I’ve never been a fan of Poco, though I’ve seen skillful players work well with him. His balance changes, however, seem warranted.

  • Main Attack damage increased from 140 to 160

  • Super healing increased from 400 to 460

Other Brawl Stars Update Features Announced This Month

NEW Characters And Rarity Categories

  • Pam! - A Junker who fires projectiles from her Trash Compactor. Her Super brings a healing station into the fight!

  • Tara! - This mystic Brawler flings cards that pierce. Her Super throws a gravity well with an explosive surprise.

  • New item and Brawler rarities : Super Rare and Mythic.

New Game Mode And Maps

  • Brawl Ball! - The newest Game Mode. Score goals with your team to win this contest. Will operate just like Soccer, with two goals to win.

  • New Maps -   Groundhog Burrow in Bounty, G.G. Corral in Heist, and three Brawl Ball maps.

New Shop Features

  • New Shop Brawler Boxes: Rare, Super Rare, and Epic - Contains a Brawler of selected rarity

  • Big Box - Contains 10 normal Brawl Boxes

  • Starter Packs - these specially discounted packs are offered as players reach XP levels 10, 20, and 30.

  • New items in Brawl Boxes: Brawl boxes now have more than just elixir and brawlers. You can also score Coin Booster, Coin Doubler, Super Rare and Mythic elixir drops as well.

Leaderboard Changes:

  • New Season system added -  Seasons now run for two weeks, allowing players earn coins at the end of a season for total trophies won and highest ranked brawler.

  • Trophies no longer capped at 500

Trophy Resets - Brawlers over 500 Trophies lose 50% of their Trophies above 500 each season

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