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Borderlands 3 developer, Gearbox announced the Moxxi’s Heist of The Handsome Jackpot DLC campaign for its latest looter shooter. The DLC add-on will be the piece of scheduled content added to the game for the year 2019. However, the game will continue to get more campaign DLCs in 2020.

You can access Moxxi’s Heist of The Handsome Jackpot after reaching Sanctuary III, which is unlocked upon completing the initial chapters on Pandora. The DLC is specifically designed for players who are at level 13, but if your Vault Hunter is higher than level 13, enemies will automatically upscale. The campaign DLC is included in the season pass, but Moxxi’s Heist of The Handsome Jackpot is also available as a standalone purchase.

The Moxxi’s Heist of The Handsome Jackpot unlocks a new area called The Handsome Jackpot. If you have played Borderlands 2, you must remember Handsome Jack transforming a space station to a huge casino before his eventual death. After his death, the space station was locked-up, trapping all patrons and loader-bots within. In the campaign DLC, Moxxi is determined to crack open the space station and pull off a heist to loot everything available. You will be joining Moxxi’s crew to help her deal with the inhabitants, who will stand in your way.

Apart from a great story, the DLC also introduces side quests, new enemy types, bosses, and legendary loot. New cosmetic types can be found in The Handsome Jackpot, including heads and skins for Vault Hunters, ECHO device skins, weapons trinkets, and new emotes.

Borderlands 3 is available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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