Borderlands 3 Guide: 4 Features That Are New To The Franchise

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Borderlands 3 is starting to become an example of what a good game should be. It continues to have the elements that made the franchise what is and features what fans have grown to love. However, it doesn't stop there as it also offers features that are either new or an improvement over previous games in the series.

Regardless, it gives Borderlands 3 that fresh feel. Last time we looked at some of the returning features. You can read more of that here. In today's guide, we look at the new features that you can look forward to in Borderlands 3.

Fast Travel From Anywhere

In Borderlands, players can travel to different places through the Fast Travel teleportation system. In this latest installment, there are still Fast Travel stations that are positioned in multiple areas around the planets that you get to visit. However, this time there is what is known as the ECHO device. With this you can travel to any Fast Travel station that you have discovered previously, including fast traveling to other planets. Additionally, you can even travel to your most recently used vehicle.

Fight For Your Life

In Borderlands series, when you are about to die, your character enters what is known as the Fight For Your Life state. When you manage to kill an opponent, you are brought back to life from the brink of death. However, there are times when you get stuck at a particular position and have no clear line of sight on nearby enemies. That changes somewhat in Borderlands 3. Now you can crawl around during this state, giving you a chance to get that perfect shot. In addition, there are also friendly NPCs that have the ability to revive you. So take the chance to crawl towards them as well.

New Mark Target Action

This feature focuses more on the multiplayer aspect. If you've played multiplayer games, then you know that communication plays an important role in getting the win. Borderlands 3 now has what is known as the Mark Target command. With this feature, you can highlight your team's next target through an icon. This feature isn't limited to ganging up on an enemy. You can also use it to mark a loot chest or ammo crate. You can even use it to mark an interesting spot to travel to.

Loyalty Rewards

There are a lot of weapons manufacturers in Borderlands and all of them want to deal business with you. In Borderlands 3, when you reach a particular milestone while using gear from a specific manufacturer, that same manufacturer has a chance to reward your loyalty. They do this by sending you a thank you gift through the in-game mail system.

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