Borderlands 3 To End Vault Insider Program In May

Small Hotfix released.
VIP set to end.
VIP set to end. Gearbox Software

Borderlands 3 announced that its Vault Insider Program is going to end on May 18. The Vault Insider Program, or VIP, was a way for players and fans to earn rewards. It was straightforward, as all that was needed was to sign up, earn points, and then claim rewards.

Through the VIP, Borderlands players have earned three seasons worth of rewards and in-game loot. Once the VIP is discounted, all VIP profiles are going to be disabled while any unredeemed VIP points are going to become useless. Be sure to spend all the VIP points you have before May 18.

In a statement, the Borderlands 3 team said that the VIP program has been fun and that they hope players enjoyed earning points and unlocking the different rewards. The team said that for "everyone who participated in the Vault Insider Program, thank you for your support in helping us make so much Borderlands mayhem."

The team shared the focus of VIP was to reward players for any activities done pre-launch like watching trailers. However, with Borderlands 3 having lauched in September 2019, the team said that they "want those kinds of rewards to be available to as many players and fans as possible, and ensure you're rewarded simply for playing the game itself."

As thanks, Borderlands 3 is offering a limited-time SHiFT code for 10 Golden Keys:


The SHiFT code above can be redeemed either through or the Gearbox ShiFT site. Only one code per account can be redeemed and the code expires on March 3.

Even with the VIP discontinued, Borderlands 3 assured everyone that more content is going to be created. Right now there are free events like Broken Hearts Day and Rare Chest Riches. There are also endgame challenges like Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite, as well as paid campaign add-ons in Moxxi's Heist of The Handsome Jackpot.


On February 20, Borderlands 3 released a hotfix addressing concerns that were raised by the community. Issues addressed include:

  • A potential exploit where players were sometimes able to open the Rare Chest in Slaughterstar 3000 when entering Iron Bear’s turret.
  • A reported concern that Oversphere enemies occasionally would not shoot with their optic lasers in True Vault Hunter Mode or Mayhem Mode.
  • A reported concern that placeholder swords were sometimes visible in Athenas.
  • A reported concern that the Fabricator was sometimes letting loot drop outside of the map.
  • Adjusted the balance for Tony Bordel and Petunia in Mayhem Mode
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