Borderlands 3 Level Cap Increased, Broken Hearts Event Also Coming

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Gearbox announced some major changes coming to Borderlands 3, which can read about in the official blog post over here. The most important change is that the level cap of Borderlands 3 will increase from 50 to 53. As always, whenever you level up, you will be awarded a skill point that you can use to get new abilities or improve older ones. Three skill points might not feel like a lot, but Gearbox has explained that they don’t want to just hand over skill points as that will break the game in terms of balancing. The developers want to make each skill point is “more impactful” than it was in the previous games.

"Just handing out the same number of levels and skill points [as in previous games] would really actually just kind of destroy the game in terms of balance, and also homogenize everyone's build," Gearbox wrote in the post. "Once everyone has everything, it's all the same, and you can't express yourself through your character and their gear. In Borderlands 3, we're looking at it a lot differently based on that. In this first one we're going to do just the three levels. Long term, we're exploring some other ways to encourage further player growth that might not be completely tied to skill points."

Gearbox also announced a new event called Broken Hearts Day, which will run from February 13 to February 20. The event lets players shoot flying hearts that surround enemies. There will be different kinds of hearts, with some dropping loot, some that blow up and damage the enemy in the process, and some will turn the enemy into temporary allies. Shooting these hearts will also give you some rewards.

  • 10 – "ECHOcardiogram" ECHO Skin
  • 25 – "Cosmic Romance" Weapon Trinket
  • 50 – "Terminal Polyaimorous" Legendary Maliwan SMG
  • 75 – "Heartbreaker" Vault Hunter Skin
  • 100 – "Wedding Invitation" Legendary Jakobs Sniper Rifle

If you are not a fan of this event then don’t worry, you can choose to opt-out of the event and just enjoy the game how you like. However, online matches will depend on the host’s preference.

So what do you think? Are you interested in the upcoming event? What three skills will you pick with the new level cap? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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