Borderlands 3 Buffs 5 Weapons In Latest Hotfix

Interesting fights ahead.
Interesting fights ahead. Take-Two Interactive

Borderlands 3 released a hotfix that gave a massive buff to five weapons. It also comes with fixes that address many of the concerns raised by the community.

Let's talk weapons buffs. As mentioned, five such weapons received excellent upgrades. All DAHL Assault Rifles, for example, have their damage increased by 35%. Meanwhile, the Ruby's Wrath not only had its damage increased, but the Cooldown of Singularity Grenade was also greatly reduced.

Then there's The Lob. Its magazine size is now increased to 12 from four, ensuring more hits. It also means more kills per shot as the damage per tick has been greatly increased. Finally, the Lob now fires a burst shot of three magical orbs rather than one.

The fourth weapon to receive a buff was the Woodblocker. Critical Hit Damage was increased by 100% and the Vertical Recoil has been reduced, making this even more effective.

Finally there is Malak's Bane, whose damage, like many of the weapons already mentioned, has been greatly increased as well. In addition, the shotgun ammo cost has been lowered from four to two.

Issues Addressed

For the hotfixes, in order to make sure that they have been applied, simply wait at the main menu when the sign "Hotfixes Applied" appears. The issues listed below are the ones the have been addressed with this new hotfix:

  • A reported concern that players were sometimes able to bypass Trudy’s spawn trigger during “Kill KillaVolt”.
  • A perceived progression blocker during “All Bets Off” where enemies that were dropped in from a drop pod would sometimes not appear when the player left and returned to the area.
  • A reported concern that the “Should’ve Cashed Out” challenge was sometimes not progressing when killing Looters in the DLC area.
  • A reported concern that players could sometimes get stuck on top of a row of slot machines inside the second VIP room at Beggar’s Berth.

The hotfix also made adjustments to the behaviors of Billy the Anointed. With this, they no longer teleport as often during a fight while also increasing the chances for them to drop Lead Sprinkler. Meanwhile, a stopgap mix fix has been added to prevent a reported blocker due to enemies sometimes becoming stuck in unreachable locations in Cistern of Slaughter.

That said, be prepared for some interesting fights.

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