Bloons TD Battles: Update 6.14 Introduces the New Dungeon Map

Bloons TD Battles Update 6.14
Bloons TD Battles Update 6.14 Twitter/@ninjakiwigames

Developer Ninja Kiwi has launched a new patch for Bloons TD Battles. Update 6.14 introduces the new dungeon map, complete with all of the chains, cracked floors, and motif that is usually reminiscent of the old school dungeons in other games.

This update also brings an improvement to the game’s Sandbox mode. For the uninitiated, the Sandbox mode in Bloons TD Battles allows you to do a lot of different things, such as summon Bloons, spawn power-ups, and place any tower (and its associated upgrades) that you have previously unlocked or encountered before. This mode was created to let you experiment and test different strategies. That said, there is now an option that lets you reset the cooldown of powers and abilities, as well as clear all of the towers and Bloons on the map in one go.

Update 6.14 brings some nice balancing changes as well. The Bloonchipper has received a buff in that its x-1 Long Range Suck now grants camo detection. This change is pretty huge because the Bloonchipper is used primarily to stall Bloons in their tracks by sucking them. Now that it can detect Camo Bloons, you will no longer have a problem dealing with them.

Balancing Changes

Tack Shooter
  • 4-x Ring of Fire: pierce increased to 80
Bomb Tower
  • Base: projectile speed increased to 600
  • 3-x Cluster Bombs: projectile speed increased to 600
  • 4-x Bloon Impact: stun effect reapplied to already stunned Bloons
  • x-2 Missile Launcher: projectile speed increased to 1000
  • x-3 MOAB Mauler: projectile speed increased to 600
Ninja Monkey
  • X-4 Flash Bomb: Flash Bomb damage increased to 3
Monkey Apprentice
  • Base: pierce increased to 3
  • 1-x Intense Magic: pierce increased to 6
  • X-4 Summon Phoenix: ability duration increased to 23 seconds
Monkey Village
  • x-3 MIB: price reduced to $3,000
  • x-4 Call To Arms: price increased to $21,000
Spike Factory
  • x-3 MOAB-SHREDR Spikes: priced reduced to $2,400
Heli Pilot
  • x-3 Downdraft: price reduced to $1,500
Monkey Engineer
  • x-4 Overclock: priced reduced to $5,200
  • x-1 Long Range Suck: grants camo detection
  • Spaced ZOMG: eco penalty changed to -$450
  • Grouped ZOMG: eco penalty changed to-$450

Which of these changes in Update 6.14 struck you the most?

Bloons TD Battles is available on Android and iOS.

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