Bloons TD Battles 2: Covert Agent Jericho Has Arrived in Style in Update 1.10

Update 1.10
Update 1.10 Twitter/@btdbattles2

The suave hero Agent Jericho has stealthily made his way to Bloons TD Battles 2 in Update 1.10, now available on all platforms.

New Hero

New Hero: Agent Jericho
New Hero: Agent Jericho Steam

Agent Jericho is the latest hero in Bloons TD Battles 2. He has a pretty interesting ability that can be unlocked early on called Seize Assets, where he siphons $25 from his opponent’s cash reserves every second for 10 seconds. This provides players with a much-needed cash boost to set up better towers in the early game.

At level 10, he can distract enemy towers by sending an invincible Decoy Bloon. This decoy flies halfway down the track and then disappears, but this should be enough for players to send in the cavalry and destroy the opposition when they least expect it.

While Agent Jericho has an interesting kit, his hero alt Highwayman Jericho is arguably better. That’s because at level three, he gains the ability to instantly steal $250 cash from his opponent with Stand and Deliver.

If Agent Jericho can distract enemies at level 10, Highwayman Jericho can do better with Misdirection. As the name implies, Highwayman Jericho has the power to send invading MOAB class bloons back to the enemy!

Patch Notes

  • New Map: COBRA Command
    • Defend COBRA HQ from the bloon attack.
    • Activate the hidden panic buttons in the furniture to reveal more placement areas, including water.
    • Hit the alarm to open a secret passage on the opponent's side letting the bloons take a shorter path towards the exit.
  • Season 12
    • A brand new bling season full of awesome rewards.
    • Show off your power with the Supercharger bloon decals and the Thunder Tower Boost.
    • Collect awesome Agent Jericho cosmetics from the Diamond Heist Showcase
    • Unlock cool Fusty the Snowman cosmetics from the Fusty the Snowboarder showcase.
  • Accolades
    • Collect achievements by reaching certain milestones.
    • Show off the accolades you unlock on your profile like medals.
    • Accolades are secret until you unlock them. Can you find them all?
  • Thin Ice Map
    • This map will no longer appear in Hall of Masters ranked games.
    • This map resulted in much longer games than we’d like in Hall of Masters games due to its long path. It will no longer appear in Hall of Masters ranked games but will still appear in casual and event games.
  • Fixed Activated Abilities displaying as on cooldown when they are ready if a recent upgrade reduced the cooldown.
  • Fixed RodenDDT skin missing a fin
  • Fixed clipping issues with various emotes
  • Fixed hero reward backgrounds incorrectly changing color when scrolling.
  • Minor text fixes
  • Fixed being able to place Monkey Subs and Buccaneers in the pools on Bloon Bot Factory without opening the hatch.
  • Fixed 4xx Tack Shooter occasionally not gaining camo detection from the x2x Village if Gwen was nearby.

Bloons TD Battles 2 Update 1.10 is now available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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