Bloons TD 6 Introduces the New Hero Geraldo in Update 31

Update 31
Update 31 Steam

Geraldo, the Mystic Shopkeeper, now opens his store in Bloons TD 6, thanks to the game’s latest patch. Update 31 also introduces a new Bloon Boss, along with other new exciting content.

New Hero

Geraldo is the latest hero in Bloons TD 6. One of the best things about him is that he can set up shop, allowing you to purchase various items to help you fend off the nasty bloons, such as Shooty Turrets, Stack of Old Nails, and Jar of Pickles.

His shop gains new items as he levels up. At Level 10, he will start selling you cute Pet Rabbits. Purchase four of them and they will automatically merge into a Were-Rabbit. It has a huge swipe attack that can hit multiple bloons at once.

New Boss

Update 31 adds the new bloon boss called Vortex, the Deadly Master of Air. This incredibly tough boss can spawn a temporary shield of wind that, for a short time, blows all projectiles away that are too slow to pass through it. Furthermore, Vortex provides a buff to all natural bloon spawns that allow them to move at incredible speeds until they catch up. On top of that, this boss can trigger a storm wave periodically that destroys all projectiles in a large radius.

So, what is the best way to deal with this threat? You have to distribute your towers evenly across the map. While Vortex possesses abilities that can affect projectiles, ranged attacks still serve as the most potent way of eliminating this bloon boss.

Update Highlights

  • New beginner map: Scrapyard
  • New Trophy Store items:
    • Bloons: Cat Ear Bloons, Disguise Glasses
    • Co-op: Pat Flex emote, Mind Blown emote
    • Game and UI: Sunshine Serenade - Fiesta Mix music track, 2 New Avatars: Super Monkey and Striker Jones
  • Structural and performance rework to Bloons and the Bloon overlay system. All in the interest of tighter code and more flexibility for future updates
  • Added commas to Cash, Damage Numbers, and Income for increased visibility and slightly delayed visits to your respective optometrists
  • Resolved an issue with Techbot ignoring hard limits on ability use in custom challenges in regards to overlap, causing laggy animation loops
  • Resolved players getting booted out of co-op sessions on some low-end devices due to being timed out from a long desync
  • Join Match button in play social now checks if you have internet again on press to prevent some edge case creation of broken lobbies requiring a game restart
  • Added a new icon for the "Create Challenge" button

You can read the full patch notes here.

Bloons TD 6 is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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