Bloons TD 6: Big Bad Goliath Doomship Arrives in Update 33

Update 33
Update 33 Steam

The first air Paragon tower in Bloons TD 6 has arrived in the game’s latest patch. Update 33 introduces the new Goliath Doomship - the Paragon for the Monkey Ace.

The Goliath Doomship is pretty massive and is capable of unleashing a combination of deadly missiles and darts at enemy bloons. What’s more, it has a Carpet Bomb ability where it summons three mini-doomships that drop about 10 yellow bombs, with each bomb exploding one by one in quick succession.

While it is indeed powerful, the Goliath Doomship has a pretty steep set of requirements. First, players must already have three Tier 5 Upgrades for the Monkey Ace. Second, players must spend $800,000 to purchase the Paragon upgrade. Bear in mind that purchasing the upgrade will also consume all of the Monkey Aces the player has on the field.

Update 33 imposes a Paragon tower placement restriction as well, where players can only put up to three per game. Developer Ninja Kiwi is thinking of increasing the limit to four in future updates following community feedback.


  • New Halloween Game Icon
    • Your eyes are not failing, nor is your screen - our icon is simply celebrating the ghoulish colors of Halloween!
  • New Maps
    • Advanced Map: Midnight Mansion
    • Intermediate Community designed map: Covered Garden (courtesy of SuperPsou)
  • New Halloween Limited-Time Items
    • MOAB Skins: Spider DDT
    • Avatars: The Scream, Monkey Brains
  • New CT Team Store Items
    • Building Props: Fortified Castle
    • Base Props: Refracting Telescope, Pirate Crew
    • Water Props: Mini Pirate Boat
    • Flying Props: Moon Rabbit
    • Team Banners: Pet Frenzy banner, Contested Territory banner
    • Icons: Kung Fu Kiwi icon, All-Seeing Eyecon
    • Frames: Cognition frame, Ninja Scroll frame
Contested Territory
  • The number of steps required to use Relics felt like too many, so we’ve removed Relic Voting from the team store. Now, when viewing any tile players will be able to pop up a full list of their available relics to personally select from.
  • To improve active team coordination we have allowed Vice-Mayors to also set focus markers on the CT map.
  • The total number of focus markers each team can set in CT has been increased from 1 to 4, to allow for diverse preferences and strategies.
  • Contested Territory matchmaking improved for better groupings based on activity and overall rank.
  • Added a Daily Reward to welcome back players entering the Contested Territory event.
  • The Main Menu CT Icon now shows a pip displaying available tickets.
  • Tidied the CT Info panel up for much clearer readability.
  • Added a spooky Seasonal Theme to CT screens, in preparation for Halloween!
  • Added Discord & Steam Rich Presence for Contested Territory.

Bloons TD 6 Update 33 is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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