The Bloodhound DLC Arriving in theHunter: Call of the Wild

A new DLC is here.
A new DLC is here. Avalanche Studios

It seems that it’s an exciting time to be a hunter. That’s because theHunter: Call of the Wild is getting its first event hunting dog DLC. Titled Bloodhound, it’s going to be available at $3.99 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

For those who know their canine companions, the Bloodhound has long been known to be a good companion for hunters. That’s because it has an excellent sense of smell along with what can be described as a strong tracking instinct.

The DLC, once it goes live, allows players to have their very own scenthound to help track animal blood.

Key features of this upcoming DLC include:

  • A Nosy Partner
    • Put your canine-companion to work to get experience points.
    • These can be used to improve the dog’s tracking skills as well as companion attributes.
    • Players can customize it to match their style and let it grow to become the dependable sidekick that they’ve always wanted.
  • Hunters’ Best Friend
    • It’s important to share a strong bond with the hound since it affects its ability to focus.
    • Ways to strengthen the bond include praising, petting, and giving it treats.
  • ​One of a Kind
    • The Bloodhound is available as male and female.
      • It can be customized with different fur coat variations.
    • Players can add more than 20 dogs to their roster.
      • Each comes with its own set of skills and attributes.
    • A player’s active dog follows them across any reserve or Trophy Lodge they visit.

In a press statement, Expansive Worlds Product Owner Sacha Karsenty said that since they released the game back in 2017, they have received excellent support from the community. Karsenty added that they’re excited to introduce this new DLC, which has been one of the most requested features by the community.

Meanwhile, Expansive Worlds Experienced Game Designer Arshak Ardeshir revealed that they were more than fortunate enough to work with real-life dogs to create complex canine movements in the upcoming DLC. Ardeshir continued that players can expect more realism with this DLC.

In theHunter: Call of the Wild, players get to experience a hunting game in a realistic open-world setting. Players can take on the single-player campaign or share the experience with friends.

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