American Truck Simulator to Add Truck Stops in Wyoming DLC

A new feature to arrive with upcoming DLC.
A new feature to arrive with upcoming DLC. SCS Software

Whether you’re a trucker or just someone on a road trip with friends, a truck stop is something that’s a good sight especially for the weary. It not only offers a place for everyone to rest but also food and, more importantly, fuel. In American Truck Simulator, players finally get to experience these with the upcoming Wyoming DLC.

Welcome Wyoming

It was back in December 2020 when the game announced it was introducing the state of Wyoming. While it may be one of the least populated states in the U.S., it more than makes up for it with a lot of places for everyone to visit like national parks, hot springs, and some historical sites. In fact, there’s even a chance to catch a herd of American bison on protected land.

In addition to this truck stops announcement, no other details have been given on this DLC except the planned release this year. However, you can wishlist this on Steam here.

Taking Texas

In addition to a new feature for Wyoming, American Truck Simulator had previously announced the release of Texas next. This is exciting for players considering that Texas isn’t only the second-largest US state in terms of area and population but also in terms of economy. That means when this feature comes out, more jobs for trucks will arrive in the game.

You read more about it here.

Let there be Light

American Truck Simulator is planning to release update 1.40. Although some of the planned features are already visible to players, they’re pretty much in Open Beta. One of the largest changes coming to the game with this update is the lighting system.

Below are some of the major internal changes that players can expect:

  • Scenes are now lit using real-life intensities.
  • The development team had to make adjustments to all light sources including readjusting every emissive material in the game. This is to allow light ratios into play.
  • ​Changes to the light source like from vehicle lights and street lamps.
  • There’s now a new display mapping function to allow for better artistic control.

You can read in detail the planned changes to the game’s lighting here.

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