Bless Unleashed Celebrates PlayStation 4 Launch With Twitch Drops

Get rewards by just watching.
Get rewards by just watching. Bandai Namco

Bless Unleashed finally launched for the PlayStation 4. It’s free to play, and in celebration of the launch, players have the chance to get some free goodies. Starting today, October 26, and all the way to November 5, simply watch any streamer that has Drops enabled play Bless Unleashed in order to win exclusive rewards. Get the chance as well to earn even more rewards when streamers level up, complete Dungeons, and beat Field Bosses.

In order to be eligible to earn Drops, players need to link their Bless Unleashed account with their Twitch account. For streamers, they simply need to link their game account to their Twitch account and enable Drops on their channel.

For the View Time Drop, just make sure the streamer of your choice has drops enabled in order to get a chance to win the Twitch Axe Break Mount or Twitch Dyes every 30 minutes you’re watching.

Other Rewards are:

  • Level Milestone Drop
    • Earn rewards from Drops enabled streamers when they level up to 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, or level 45.
    • Drop Reward
      • Twitch Level Milestone Chest
        • One Green Weapon Fortification Stone
        • One Green Armor Fortification Stone
        • One Equipment Upgrade Stone (Magic)
        • Two Potion of Recovery II
        • Two Grilled Meat-and-Cheese Lunchbox
  • Field Boss Drop
    • Receive rewards when your streamer defeats Field Bosses.
    • Drop Reward
      • Twitch Dungeon Chest
        • One Resurrection Sickness Potion
        • Two Potion of Regeneration II
    • Eligible Field Bosses
      • Giant Cyclops
      • Alpha Wolf
      • Grasslands Giant
      • Ogre Chieftain
      • Ghost Knight
      • The Harpy Queen
      • Bashal
      • Spider Queen
      • Bone Dragon
      • Ursa
      • Incarnation of Kuat Ran
      • Yaru, the Wolf King
      • Arges
      • Blood Demon
      • Aelo the Cold-hearted
      • Osis
      • Mariel
      • Violent Varr
  • Dungeons Drop
    • Score special prizes when any Drops enabled streamer complete select five Player Dungeons.
    • Drop Reward
      • Twitch Dungeon Chest
        • One Resurrection Sickness Potion
        • Two Potion of Regeneration II
    • Eligible Dungeons
      • Infernal Kitchen (kills Head Chef Ramzy)
      • Savantis Mausoleum (kills Christian)
      • Dreamscale Ruins (Upper) (kills High Priestess Mainaya)
      • Dreamscale Ruins (Lower) (kills Kuat Ran’s Vessel)
      • Rutus Mines (Upper) (kills Twisted Ivisella)
      • Rutus Mines (Lower) (kills Manastone Roisa)
      • Kobold Ruins (Lower) (kills Chief Dirkrook )
      • Savantis Mausoleum (Lower) (kills Tyberius)

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Twitch and get those rewards.

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