Prepare for War as Bless Unleashed PVP Season 4 is Here

Prepare to fight.
Prepare to fight. Bandai Namco

There’s been a lot of new events in Bless Unleashed but the biggest one yet may have just started. It’s none other than the PvP Season 4 that actually started May 13 and runs until July 11.

There are two things to remember for the new season. First is the Core Time which is from 11:00 p.m. EDT to 3:00 a.m. EDT daily. During these hours, all Victory Token rewards are increased by 20%.

The second is Fever Time with the initial schedule from June 6 to June 13 and a bonus schedule from July 4 to July 11. During these periods, the amount of Victory Tokens earned is increased by 20% for every match completed.

Exciting as these may be, there’s one catch though. Bandai Namco said in a post that they haven’t been able to confirm if there are any unique rewards to be handed out during this season.

Crafting Event

While enjoying the new PvP season, another event is coming on May 22. It’s a Crafting Event where GMs are challenging players to craft a unique item, which is related to cooking.

That means everyone has the chance to come with unique items like a Lunchbox, Feast, or even an edible food item. For players who can craft unique items, they get to win a prize.

It should be noted that only edible items are counted. Meaning, no baits, crafting materials, or miscellaneous materials. Quest or event items won’t be counted as well. Finally, if two different recipes can craft the same item, the two recipes count as the same item.

Here are the rewards for this event:

  • 1st Place Prizes
    • 30,000 Star Seed
    • Bonus Gathering Ticket (3 hours)
    • Bonus Mining Ticket (3 hours)
    • Bag Piece
  • 2nd Place Prizes
    • 20,000 Star Seed
    • Bonus Gathering Ticket (2 hours)
    • Bonus Mining Ticket (2 hours)
  • 3rd Place Prizes
    • 10,000 Star Seed
    • Bonus Gathering Ticket (1 hour)
    • Bonus Mining Ticket (1 hour)
  • Top Five/Top Ten Prizes
    • Crafting Materials (Consolation Prize)

So what do you think? Which one are you more excited about? Beating other players to submission or getting ahead with the best food item?

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