Bless Unleashed Holding Another Player Appreciation Event

A thanks to all players.
A thanks to all players. Bandai Namco

Bless Unleashed has brought back the Player Appreciation Event. This is to celebrate all those who have helped the game go through each major update released. Not that surprising considering the game recently launched its Spring Update.

You can watch the trailer of the Spring Update below:

What’s going to happen is that starting March 15 and until March 23, players who log in will receive mail that contains :

  • Potion of Recovery II x3.
  • [Gift] PvE Combat XP Boost Ticket (3 hr) x1.
  • Repair Tools x1.
  • 300 Artifact Core.
  • 1,000 Star Seed.
  • Normal Chest Key x2.

By the way, it’s not a one-time deal. Players get these goodies for each day that they log in during the event period.

Bless Pass

On top of a new update, the game also received the latest Bless Pass titled "Glorious Legacy." Like the previous versions, there’s a free pass called Standard Pass and the Enhanced Pass, which costs 1,500 Lumena. The latter comes with all the rewards of the Standard Pass plus exclusives.

The Enhanced Pass also has Bonus Rewards for every fifth level, which is either a Gold Chest or a Gold Chest and Star Seed Box.

You can view all the rewards for both the Standard and Enhanced Pass here.

Spring Update

The Spring Update officially went live last March 12. It introduced new Dungeon Guide quests and new Regional quests. There are also the new Side Story quests that involve Orfina, Delila Bendelak, Krista, and Mokoro.

The 2021 Spring Update added as well new tutorials to the game like:

  • Moving World Map Icons
  • Adjusting Camera Distance
  • Customizing Controls
  • Path Guiding
  • Side Story Quest
  • Quest Tracking
  • Invasions

Two things that players can look forward to are the new events, which are:

  • Timed Dungeon content
    • Each week, dungeons that can be entered on a particular day of the week are determined. Difficulty level differs from existing dungeons, but one can obtain materials and epic/legendary embers required to obtain Ancient Weapons.
    • Rewards can be received once a week for each dungeon.
  • Fishing Competition content
    • Fishing Competition starts each Monday.
    • Players are given a rank according to whoever catches the largest fish from among eligible fishes, with rank rewards given to those ranked one to 20.
    • Players who participated in the competition are rewarded with participation rewards according to the size of the fish caught from among eligible fishes.

Read all changes that arrived with the 2021 Spring Update here.

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