Bless Unleashed Is Planning Some Quality Of Play Updates

Some interesting changes.
Some interesting changes. Bandai Namco

Bless Unleashed announced that its Fall Update is just around the corner. This upcoming update is going to incorporate feedback received from players and is sure to make improvements to how the game is played. Today we take a look at some of the changes coming.

The first change is all about Camera Adjustments. Since the first closed beta, players have been asking for two camera options, which are the ability to change camera sensitivity and its distance. With the new update, players should now be able to do both of these actions. This means that players can have their camera move a little slower or zoom their POV around faster. Players can also pull the camera back, which is good for those who experience some motion sickness or just want to have a better view.

The Ring Menu is going to be introduced to the game. This feature is going to replace the old hot bars that were accessed with the D-Pad. The new UI allows a ring menu attached to each primary direction on the D-Pad. There’s a total of eight shortcuts that can be added. This can be mounts, food items, potions, and even emotes. Hopefully this should make navigating to the player’s most frequently used items easier.

Players are also going to love the Sorting Button. This is great for those who have a lot of incomplete stacks in their inventory. For example, when looking at their inventory, players can simply hit the sorting button and the game merges all the incomplete stacks to proper full stacks. This helps save time and frees up more inventory space.

These three quality of play improvements are just some of the updates arriving to Bless Unleashed. The Fall update is also going to enhance the way players select cosmetic items. In particular, players will be able to choose favorites and swap between their favorite looks faster. A gear score is also going to be added to quest trackers, resulting in players knowing in advance what gear score requirements are needed for a quest.

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