Bless Unleashed Offers New Azure Honor Costumes And New Mounts

New costumes and new mounts.
New costumes and new mounts. Banda Namco

Bless Unleashed revealed that its offering everyone new costumes and new mounts. There are also going to be new weapons as well.

The new costumes are the Azure Honor set, complete with vibrant blue hues. The Azure Honor Regalia is available at the Lumena Shop for 2,500 Lumena.

There’s going to be new weapons offered at 1,500 Lumena each and are available for each class:

  • Azure Honor Sword and Shield (Crusader)
  • Azure Honor Axe (Berserkers)
  • Azure Honor Bow (Rangers)
  • Azure Honor Staff (Mages and Priests)

Meanwhile, for the new mounts, the first one is the Ironblood Alpha Wolf which is sure to make enemies quiver at the sight. The Second is the Tyrant’s Dreadsteed, which lets you chase enemies easily.

Sale Event

There’s also a little something for everyone this week with the Double Dungeon Chest Drop event. It started on August 11 and runs through August 18. During the event, players can expect:

  • Two Sealed Chests or two Abyssal Chests drops at the end of five-player Dungeons and Abyssal Dungeons, and five-player Lairs.
  • There’s going to be a 50% Chance of obtaining 15,000 Star Seed from a Sealed Chest.
  • Players receive two additional Sealed Chest Keys each day when they log in.
Get the best of this new event.
Get the best of this new event. Banda Namco

That’s not all as for this week, as players get a 10% discount on all Reclusive Farmer & Miner Contracts. This means each contract now costs 270 Lumena.

New Perks

Bless Unleashed is also handing out special perks for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. This time it’s the Xbox Alpha Wolf mount. Don’t take too long to make a decision since the offer ends tomorrow, August 13. It’s not just a mount, as the bundle also offers:

  • 30 Day Valor Perks
  • 1,000 Lumena
  • One Bless Pass Tier Upgrade Ticket
New perks are here.
New perks are here. Banda Namco

To redeem the Perks, follow these steps:

  • You need to be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member.
  • Look for the Xbox Game Pass tab on Xbox One.
    • For the mobile version, look for the Xbox Game Pass app.
  • Tap on the Xbox button to select Home and choose Store.
  • Scroll down to Claim Your Perks Now.
  • Enter the 25-character redemption code.

Once you claim your perks, log into the game and the items should be added to the Premium Items Bag. The Lumena, meanwhile, is added directly to your account.

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