Bless Unleashed Open Beta Begins Thursday

Exclusive rewards offered to open beta players.
Open beta is almost here.
Open beta is almost here. Round 8 Studio

Bless Unleashed announced that its open beta is set to begin this Thursday, November 7 at 1:00 PM EST. The open beta is going to last two whole weeks and will end on November 21 at 1:00 PM PST. In the open beta, players get to explore four new zones, three additional lairs, two more arenas, and even a brand-new dungeon.

It's not all new content though, as players who take part in the open beta will receive exclusive rewards. For example, players who play the open beta immediately get the "Breaker of Games" title on full release. Meanwhile, skilled players who want to experience an even bigger challenge can go for the "Dungeon Breaker" title by completing all available arenas, dungeons, and lairs. However, players need to link their Xbox Live and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment accounts to get these exclusive open beta rewards. In addition, these titles cannot be earned outside the open beta.

New Changes

Players who want to be part of the open beta should be excited to know that there are changes coming based on feedback from the closed beta. The first change involves the combat and movement, for instance allowing combo steps to connect with dodges. Another change is that players can now use abilities to interrupt combos. Finally, changes were made on the controls as well. While the lock-on feature automatically selects the closest target, it can be changed by moving the R stick while selecting the target. You can read more about that here.

GM Event

The Bless Unleashed GM team is going to be hosting their famous Hide and Seek Event. You can see if you can find them on Saturday, November 9, and Sunday, November 10, at these times:

  • November 9
    • 7:30 AM EST
    • 1:30 PM EST
  • November 10
    • 6:30 AM EST
    • 2:30 PM EST

The first player to find the GM during this event is going to win a special elephant mount to show off their skills during the open beta. This mount reward doesn't transfer to game launch, unfortunately.

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