Bless Unleashed Is Officially Live For Xbox One

Play dangerously.
Play dangerously. EA

Bless Unleashed is officially live and available for the Xbox One. The release comes after months of beta testing. The free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game caters mainly to a mature audience where players take on a journey while fighting against monsters.

Bless Unleashed started its open beta last November 7, which lasted for two weeks. Since the open beta Bless Unleashed has released various updates to address the issues raised during the open beta which you can read about here. The game even increased the level cap through an update released last month.

At the same time as the launch, Bless Unleashed revealed that in order to make sure that long queue times are avoided, a new server was added for North America. With this, NA now has the Physera and Lumeas servers while the EU has Teleos. It's important to consider the servers as currently transfers aren't yet available. What this means is that players on different servers are not going to be able to play together.

As part of the launch, the Bless Pass Season 1 is also live. The pass is free and lets players earn rewards by finishing different missions each week. For those who want something more, there is the Enhanced Bless Pass which is available for $14.99. At level one, the Standard Pass rewards 5,000 Gold while the Enhanced version offers the Bag Expansion Ticket. You can view all the different rewards here to help you make the decision whether to get the Enhnaced version or stick to the Free version.

There's still more. With the launch comes the news that Bless Unleashed has extended the Star Seed Bonanza. This is a two-part login event that helps adventurers jump start their quests in the game. The first part was for Founders who signed on by March 11. The second part started on March 12 and ends on April 1 at 2:59 a.m. EDT. Those who log in receive 3,000 Star Seed per day, with 60,000 Star Seed available to be claimed.

But wait, there's even more coming. Players can earn Drops this month by simply watching sponsored and Preferred Content Creators play on Twitch. To be sure you are watching the right streams, check if Drops are enabled. Random rewards are handed out every 30 minutes you watch. Rewards include the 1x purple dye and 1x white dye as well as the Purple and White Axebeak Mount. Don't take too long as this event ends on April 6.

You can get Bless Unleashed here.

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