Bless Unleashed Launches On March 12 For Xbox One

Finally a launch date.
Finally a launch date. Bandai Namco

Bless Unleashed officially has a launch and it's going to be on March 12. In this MMOPRG, players get to explore new zones while exploring dungeons and taking on bosses. The game is going to be available exclusively for the Xbox One.

Bless Unleashed had its open beta last November, which lasted for two weeks. Once the open beta ended, changes were then made in order to improve the game even further. However, even before the open beta, some changes were added, such as the combat system. This is because during the closed beta, players found that both combat and movement speed were rather slow.

Bless Unleashed is set in an untamed world and brings with it a rather rich backstory. According to publisher Bandai Namco, the game was developed primarily for hardcore MMO players. It offers player customization along with combo-driven mechanics. This being a MMORPG, expect to have PvP along with PvE.

Bless Unleashed is now available in different Founder's Packs:

  • Deluxe
    • Price: $19.99
    • Contains:
      • 7-Day Head Start
      • Founder's Title
      • Exclusive Mount
      • 7-Day Valor Perks
  • Exalted
    • Price: $39.99
    • Contains:
      • 10-Day Head Start
      • Founder's Title
      • Exclusive Mount
      • 30-Day Valor Perks
      • Gilded Enforcer Costume
      • Exclusive Rare Mount
      • 1,000 Lumena
      • 1 Additional Character Slot
  • Ultimate
    • Price: $79.99
    • Contains:
      • 15-Day Head Start
      • Founder's Title
      • Exclusive Mount
      • 90-Day Valor Perks
      • Gilded Enforcer Costume
      • Exclusive Rare Mount
      • 2,000 Lumena
      • 2 Additional Character Slots
      • Crimson Weapon Set
      • Exclusive Legendary Mount
      • Legendary Crimson Slayer

You can buy the game here.

Bless Pass

In addition to having an official launch date, Bless Unleashed is offering players a Bless Pass. With this, players earn points to new tiers when they complete weekly missions. The more they participate, the more they level up their Bless Pass. For each tier, there are rewards that can help players with their adventures in the game.

While a free Battle Pass is available to everyone, a Premium Pass is available for $14.99. The premium version offers more gold and more starseed. It even comes with an exclusive mount and costume.

The Bless Pass Season 1 is available starting March 13 and is valid for 90 days. Once the first season ends, there's going to be a short break before season 2 begins. Season 2 is going to offer new rewards and quests.

Exclusive costumes and mount.
Exclusive costumes and mount. Bandai Namco

For Bless Pass Season 1, players get the exclusive "The Bunnisher" costume and Blue Buffalo exclusive mount.

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