Bless Unleashed Fall Update Is Now Live For the PS4 And Xbox One

The update is finally here.
The update is finally here. Bandai Namco

After weeks of previews, the Fall Update for Bless Unleashed is finally here. It offers the new Arena Challenge known as The Stormbringer as well as the new Abyssal Dungeon, which is The Dreamscale Ruins. A Guild Trials system is also being introduced plus the usual quality of life improvements. The new update is live for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Guild Trials

The addition of Guild Trials to Bless Unleashed means there’s going to be Guild Achievements. With this, Bless Unleashed hopes that it’s going to encourage players to not only enjoy playing together, but more importantly, work to a common goal.

Guild Achievements are earned only when working with fellow guild members, regardless of what that work may be. It can be something as simple as gathering materials up to dangerous endeavors like hunting lethal field bosses.

Changes on Zones

Zones have also been improved, with the general changes being:

  • Added additional spawn locations for Ancient Treasure Chests in:
    • Carzacor
    • Kannus Mountains
    • Zenkala
  • Increased the random spawn rate table for the Ancient Treasure Chest.
  • Moved locations of Ancient Treasure Chests in:
    • Beoran
    • Eidolon Forest
    • Ostium
    • Sperios
    • Tristezza
  • Modified Field Named boss monster level scaling balance.
  • Fixed so that the buff that is already applied is received as a reward from a Crusade compensation, it will renew the applied effect.

PvP Changes

The Fall Update also adds the Regular Season Ranking System to the game. The ranking is computed based on total battlefield XP with a “title” reward corresponding to the ranking given once the season ends. There’s going to be five stages.

Other changes introduced in the PvP are:

  • Added title as battlefield season reward.
  • The default chat settings when entering the Battlefield/Arena and Dungeons changes from "Normal" to "Match".
  • Modified the Kill Log for Battlefield to be displayed on the upper right-side of the screen.
  • Fixed a bug where one can go on top of the base object in the battlefield.

UI Changes

UI changes that arrived with the update include the improved stacking/usage of items. There are also two additions that are dungeon-related, which are:

  • Added dungeon ending layout
    • When the dungeon ends, a results window display the player's score and rank is shown.
    • There is no reward for the achieved ranks.
    • Ranks include S, A, B, C, D, and F, and is calculated based on the play time, number of deaths, number of challenges, etc.
    • Added a feature so that information about the dungeon is clear, and rank results are displayed when the dungeon ends.
  • Added Dungeon Forfeit Vote function
    • Players can choose to vote to forfeit while doing a dungeon.
    • There is no escape penalty applied if the dungeon ends as a result of the forfeit vote.
    • A specific amount of time must pass first before voting can begin.
      • The amount of time differs depending on dungeon type:
        • 2 Player Arena: 3min 30secs
        • 5 Player Lair: 5min
        • 5 Player Dungeon: 15mins

You can view the complete patch notes here.

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