Bless Unleashed: Crusader Class Trailer Revealed

Bless Unleashed: Crusader Class
Bless Unleashed: Crusader Class Bandai Namco

Bless Unleashed released a trailer for its Crusader Class. The trailer reveals the different moves available to this class with the tag "Strength through Steel."

This is the third class reveal so far for Bless Unleashed. The first release was for the Ranger Class and the second for the Berserker Class. The two remaining classes are Mage and Priest.

The Crusader Class makes use of sword and shield in order to beat down enemies with vicious strikes and timely blows. Crusaders take an up-close-and-personal attitude when it comes to fighting in order to draw enemy attention away from their allies. Making this possible is a shield along with knight-like armor. Overall, the Crusader offers strong defense while handing out powerful attacks.

Bless Unleashed is a free-to-play MMORPG to be released as a timed exclusive for Xbox One.

Through the Unreal Engine 4, Bless Unleashed is able to bring out unmatched visuals. When paired with deep gameplay mechanics, this results in a unique game for the console platform. Bless Unleashed offers an immersive world with a fantasy background, allowing players to experience a rich backstory while also going through the complex plot.

Since Bless Unleashed has been built from scratch, everything was developed by focusing on the console experience. Another unique feature of the game is that the gameplay is combo-driven. While many classic MMORPG games use a targeting-based combat system, the main problem is that this is static. Such a system will not work for console players, so there was a need to update the combat system. For Bless Unleashed, the combat system allows for customized combo moves.

Bless Unleashed was one of the games featured by Bandai Namco during PAX East 2019. So far, the initial comments have been positive with one of those who tried the game saying that they were impressed with how massive the game world is, especially with its immense backgrounds. Others said that the gameplay is good and that it has the elements one would expect from an MMO. There were also those who said that they were particularly impressed with how the game depicted NPCs.

No official release date has been given for Bless Unleashed.

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