Bless Unleashed to Start 2nd Closed Beta Test for PC on January 14

Looks like there's another round of testing.
Looks like there's another round of testing. Round 8 Studios

Bless Unleashed will start the second Closed Beta Test for PC on January 14. The CBT is set to run for four days. Sign-ups are being accepted through this site.

Sign-ups to the CBT start today, December 3, until January 10. Those selected to participate get Game Keys, which will be sent out on January 5. This is to make sure that chosen beta testers have the necessary time to download the client.

Those who pre-register will get their hands on a bunch of goodies including:

  • “Breaker of Games” title
  • Golden Hyaenodon mount
  • Care package that contains:
    • 50,000 Star Seeds
    • 200,000 gold

Bless Unleashed had its first CBT in early November. At that time, the goal was to check the game’s global service stability, particularly through the Steam platform. You can read more about that here .

Round 8 Studio Head of Development Jason Park said that they were more than impressed when it came to the passion that PC players showed in the first CBT. He went on that since then they’ve “made a host of improvements to the game for this 2nd test, and we can’t wait to see what everyone thinks.”

One improvement is on the PC Controls. For example, there’s now a Toggle Key. When using a skill, there’s no longer any need to press continuously. Instead, you'll only need to push the key once. In a post at Steam, the goal of this change is “to make player combat experience a little more dynamic.”

Another improvement is on the Control Customization. This is crucial especially when it comes to PC. It's very applicable among PC users who have a mouse with buttons 4 and 5. This feature is available in the 2nd CBT. You can view the list of changes here .

Bless Unleashed is a reboot of Bless Online and was initially released for the Xbox One in March 2020. In August, a closed beta test was conducted for PlayStation 4. The PS4 version was later released in October. A version for the PC is expected to roll out in early 2021.

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