The Spear Of Salvation Update For Bless Unleashed Is Now Live

A lot of things happening this week.
A lot of things happening this week. Bandai Namco

After weeks of teasing, the Spear of Salvation update for Bless Unleashed is finally live. Prepare to start your adventure in the Ivory Dunes and learn more about what the giant superweapon brings to the fight.

The update is free to all players and offers a lot of new features along with interesting updates. One of the new updates is a Fishing System, and there’s also a new Class Level System. Changes have been made to Invasions as well as the different classes. You can view what this update brings to Bless Unleashed here.

Player Appreciation Event

In celebration of the arrival of the new event, Bless Unleashed has launched the Player Appreciation Event. It started on November 19 and runs through December 1. During this event, players that log-in get to receive:

  • Potion of Recovery II x3
  • [Gift] PvE Combat XP Boost Ticket (3 hr) x1
  • Repair Tools x1
  • 300 Artifact Core
  • 1,000 Star Seed
  • Normal Chest Key x2

Bundles Sale

It’s not just a new update, as Bless Unleashed is also holding a sale with bundles being offered at a 20% discount. This is going to be for a limited time and offered only until November 25 at 1:00 PM ET. Here are the bundles up for grabs:

  • Farmer’s Bonus Bundle
    • Price: 2340 Lumena
    • Contains:
      • Bonus Logging Ticket (30 days)
      • Bonus Gathering Ticket (30 days)
      • Bonus Mining Ticket (30 days)
      • Bonus Gold Ticket (30 days)
  • Time Saver Pack
    • Price: 960 Lumena
    • Contains:
      • 5x Bonus EXP Boost (1 Hour)
      • 5x Bonus SXP Boost (1 Hour)
  • Space Saver Pack
    • Price: 5737 Lumena
    • Contains:
      • 10x Personal Storage Expansion Ticket
      • 10x Account Storage Expansion
      • 10x Bag Expansion Ticket
  • Painter’s Dye Pack
    • Price: 1260 Lumena
    • Contains:
      • 5x Crimson Dye
      • 5x Gold Dye
      • 5x Deep Sky Blue Dye
      • 5x Cobalt Blue Dye
      • 5x Indigo Dye
      • 5x Deep Pink Dye
      • 5x Silver Dye

New Costumes and Mount

Fall is almost here, and what better way to dive into the new season and new update than with a new look? Keep the fall vibes going with the Traditional Outfit and Hat costume. The costume set is available for 2,000 Lumena each. As far as new mounts go, players have the chance to explore with the new Death Panda. This shadowy companion is offered for 2,000 Lumena as well.

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