Hell Sports is Now on the Switch and Offers Cross-play with Mobile Version

Ready to fight?
Ready to fight? Neilo

Hell Sports is now available for the Nintendo Switch. This 2v2 action battle game has been previously released for iOS and Android. With cross-play available, mobile players can now engage with Switch players.

The Story

In the game, most souls have been sent to Paradise resulting in Hell being a tranquil place. However, as humanity committed more sins, Hell suddenly became overcrowded. This changed many traditional punishing methods, mainly due to inefficiency.

After different reforms, the final result was the punishment and amusement industries, which created Hell Sports. It soon became popular and many now going after their Hell Sports dream.


The game gives players access to different characters with each having their own skill and ability. There’s Pixy, for example, who works as a Hell Prison guard. His skill is Straight that creates traps on two squares in a straight line. His ability Line allows him to create a row of traps horizontally.

Then, there’s Trusty who remains to be a model prisoner. His Cleaning skill allows him to erase traps of enemies in a wide area. Meanwhile, his Master Thief ability lets him steal a trap from an enemy.

There’s a total of 10 characters for players to try.


By now, you probably have an idea how the game works. The main goal is to send enemies to the bottom of Hell by placing traps. To make the game dynamic, each character has skills that recharge over time. Abilities, on the other hand, allow characters to do more against enemies.


The Nintendo Switch version is available for $19.99 and offers local battles. There’s even a demo available.

The mobile version has two tiers. The free tier comes with the League Match but is only limited to Amateur League. Free Match is also included, particularly 2v2 and 3v3. But the free tier only lets players access four characters: Pixy, Assistyn, Rarog, and Spiky.

The full tier is being offered for $7.99. It gives players access to all Matches and Leagues. The full version also gives instant access to all 10 characters. Finally, the full version removes any advertisements.

So, ready to try your luck in Hell?

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