Blade & Soul Revolution Celebrates 5th Anniversary with New Content & New In-game Events

Blade & Soul Revolution 5th
Enjoy the 5th anniversary celebration! Netmarble

A new update is now live in Blade & Soul Revolution which celebrates the game's 5th anniversary. There's new content to enjoy along with new in-game events to experience.

Let's start with the new original class which has been added as a playable character. The Demolisher wields a hammer weapon which may be slow but can deal strong attacks against enemies. The hammer can slow enemies down and overwhelm them by inflicting a Tripshot. Meanwhile the more attacks the character receives, the more Def increases and instantly removes Crowd Control with the Reincarnate skill.

Other New Content

With the new update, players can now join the newly opened BSR16 server and use Silvers to earn Colorful Crystals (for a maximum of 50,000) at the Colorful Crystal Coin Shop to buy different items that include Premium Secret Technique Scrolls and Obsidian Spirit Accessory Bundle, to name a few. Other new content include the Radiant Yunma Kahn Legendary Soul Shield, which allow players to earn higher stats compared to Jiwan's Legendary Soul Shield.

Players can also look forward the new Guardian Spirit Protection system which allow for different specific options for each Guardian Spirit. Then there's the Ranking Dungeon which offer PvE content for up to 2 players. Ranking in this dungeon is calculated based on how much time it took to clear it. Players can then earn different rewards which can be used for the new Guardian Spirit Protection system.

New In-Game Event

In celebration of the game's 5th anniversary, players can enjoy multiple events. There's the "Silver Festival" where everyone has the chance to earn items like:

  • Ancient Pet
  • +12 Radiant Legendary Equipment Full Set
  • Legendary Guardian Spirit
  • Legendary Skill Badge
  • Legendary Gem Chest
  • Legendary Fishing Rod Design

Additional limited-time events available include:

  • Colorful 5th Anniversary 28-Day Check-in (December 5 to January 17)
    • During the event period, players can receive various rewards by checking-in the game that include:
      • Guardian Spirit Protection Summon 10+1
      • Luxurious Legendary Skill Badge Unseal 10+1
      • Luxurious Legendary Gem Summon 10+1
      • Luxurious Legendary Pet Summon
  • Log in for the 5th Anniversary (December 5 to January 4)
    • Based on players' time online (30 min./60 min./75 min./ 90 min.), they get to earn multiple rewards like:
      • Radiant Enhancement Stone Selection Chest
      • New Blacksmith's Crafting Selection Chest
      • Strength Orb Chest
      • Mysterious Materials Bundle
  • 5th Anniversary Festival Week (December 5 to January 4)
    • Clear in-game missions such as playing Training Ground or participating in Dimensional Rift to earn the 5th Anniversary Treasure Chest, Ancient Fragment and more.

Blade & Soul Revolution is an open world mobile RPG available as a free download via the App Store and on Google Play.

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