Blackthorn Arena Update 1.2 Patch Notes: New Event, Custom Difficulties, And More

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PersonaeGame, the developer of Blackthorn Arena, recently released a new update that introduces custom difficulty options when starting a new game. Players can set each difficulty factor exactly to their liking. There is also a new freeman event challenge, which has been detailed in the patch notes below.

The developers have also added another new special event that can grant you a samurai named Lin if you beat her in a one-on-one challenge. Be careful, because if you lose the challenge, you will lose a lot of gold.

Blackthorn Arena Update 1.2 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

Bug fix:

  1. Fixed a bug that caused the monster to turn when the game was paused when the monster used the jet skill.
  2. Fixed a bug where clicking on a mastered skill in the skill list would lower its level.
  3. Fixed the bug related to the UI being overlapped.
  4. Fixed an animation bug related to archers.
  5. Fixed a bug where the character would sometimes still stand in the same place even after being defeated.
  6. Fixed the bug that slaves obtained from the side mission occasionally have the "permanent potions" as a trait.
  7. The protection of the main storyline has been added. Now the event of side mission will not pop up on the same date as the main storyline. They will no longer interfere with each other.

Overall improvement:

The Unity engine version has been upgraded from 2018.2 to 2020.1.

We consume a lot of time porting the engine of the game to the 2020.1 version. This work is full of difficulties and challenges, but based on the current results, we think it is worthwhile. The new version of the Unity engine is more stable and efficient, it also has a more beautiful 3D rendering effect. Through this upgrade, "Blackthorn Arena" will theoretically become more stable, reducing the chance of being collapsed, and the game's framerate becoming more smooth as well. Most scenes' FPS has been improved to a certain extent. In addition, thanks to the improvement of Unity rendering technology, the light and shadow effects of the game have also been improved. Notice: All game resources will be repackaged due to the huge changes brought about by this engine upgrade. Players who perform this update will have to re-download the updated content that is close to the entire game size. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience!

In the process of upgrading the engine, due to the large engine version span, we encountered various problems, most of them have been solved, however, there are still some stubborn problems that do not hinder the progress of the game yet to be solved.
Currently, known issues/bugs include: On low-configuration computers, UI flickering may occur when the frame rate is low. This problem can be solved temporarily by turning off/down the shadow effect

In addition, due to our limited testing capabilities, the new version of the game may have some minor issues that we have not yet discovered. If you encounter any problems, please give us feedback in the game forum or official discussion group, and we will deal with these problems as quickly as possible.

Other improvements:

  1. Now the list of gladiators (the characters panel) can be swiped by the mouse wheel.
  2. The purchased materials will be automatically stacked in the inventory.
  3. It is now possible to replace/swape the character in the battle by dragging the gladiator avatar to the battle bar.
  4. Now the "practice combat" in the training ground will reset the cooldown time of participants' skills and talents.
  5. In the caravan robbing side mission, the merchant will stop and begging for mercy when all the guards died.
  6. Optimized the highlight display effect.
  7. Improved some animations.
  8. The transition between animations is smoother.
  9. Adjusted the attachment point of the character's bow and arrow to make it look more natural.

New content:

1) New system: Non-real-Time Online PVP mode (Half-Online mode)

Players can now upload their own gladiators to our server! We have added a button to the main menu to go to the "Gortus' shrine", where players can browse the gladiators uploaded by other players, or upload the gladiators in their local archives. Each player can upload four teams, and each team's size is limited to 1, 2, 3, and 4 gladiators. Players can also choose any team on the online leaderboard and click Challenge to fight with them! In addition, if the uploader allows, players can download the Gladiator’s pinch data, growth plan, and tactical triggers uploaded by other players.

2) Online Growth Plan system has been added to the Role library:
We have added a feature to browse all the growth plan uploaded by other players in the role library. Here players can browse and download any growth plan uploaded by anyone to the local, or share their own local growth plan to the server.

3) Custom difficulty:

Now players can choose custom difficulty and adjust each difficulty factor separately when starting a new game.

4) New event-Freeman challenge
Occasionally, some free men will come to challenge your Arena. According to the rules of the Freeland, free men can place a bet. The bet can be money, goods or even their own freedom. If the challenger wins, they will get a lot of money from you. If they lose, they will lose their bet.

5) New special event!

In the middle and late stages of the game, a wandering samurai named " Lin " will come to your arena and ask to challenge your gladiators. Her bet is her own freedom and she wants to take a lot of gold from you! If you accept the challenge and defeat her in a one-on-one battle. This unique character will become your slave.

6) A new set of the Legendary armor

Red lotus armor set: When damaging an enemy, restores the character's health by 25% of it's damage. The wandering Samurai Lin will wear this set of legendary Samurai armor. Defeat her to obtain this armor!

7) A legendary katana:

Sakura fall: The chance of "countercut" is doubled.

8) Two new short samurai swords (Wakizashi)

9) Three new traits:

  • Heavy fist: Empty hand damage increased by 15% (fist weapon will not share this bonus).
  • Armor maintainer: The weight of all armors is reduced by 5%.
  • Drugster : Willpower -2, but the effect of recovery potions, morale potions and experience potions increased by 25%

Balance adjustment:

  • Decreased the reward of God's grace for the Gortus' Eternal Challenge from 10000 to 2000.

Summary and Future Plan:
After three months of full supplemental development, Blackthorn Arena has finally reached a state where we think the content is more ideal and rich.

The current version contains:

  • 13 Arenas with different styles
  • 15 Legendary NPC Champion with their unique battle style.
  • Seven different Weapon masteries ( One-Handed, Two-Handed, Weapon&Shield, Ranged Weapon, Dual Weapon, Polearms, Unarmed)
  • Nine unique class/genres ( Gladiator, Commander, Duelist, Defender, Rogue, Ranger, Berserker, Marksman, BattleMonk)
  • 160 different skills for players to freely combine and collocate.
  • After continuous updates, we have increased the number of equipment in the game to a staggering 500 pieces, including 24 legendary weapons and eight legendary armors sets for players to obtain.

In addition, we have solved a lot of bugs and made plenty of balance adjustments. We are confident that the current version can provide new coming or restarting/returning players the most complete game experience so far. Of course, this is not the end. This is just what the "Blackthorn Arena" suppose to look like. In the future, we will continue to introduce more content updates and game mechanism improvements. Thanks to all the players who have supported us so far!

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