Black Desert Online: Latest Update Introduces Three New Conquest War Skills

Black Desert Online February 16 Update
Black Desert Online February 16 Update Twitter/@NewsBlackDesert

In Black Desert Online’s latest update, the developers have introduced new skills that can be used in Node and Conquest Wars. The patch also implemented a lot of hero balancing changes.

For the uninitiated, certain areas in the world map are called Nodes, and guilds can vie control over them. The guild that wins the war owns that particular Node for a week and enjoys the tax accumulated for that period. Conquest Wars are more extensive because instead of a small area, guilds can fight for the sovereignty of a huge continent. The benefits are the same as in Node Wars, albeit on a grander scale.

Anyway, there are three new skills that you can use during Node or Conquest Wars. They are:

  • Yianaros’ Veil (I to V)
    • Magic Evasion rate +1% to 5%
  • Pilgrim’s Blessing (I to V)
    • Ranged Evasion rate +1% to 5%
  • Knight’s Code (I to V)
    • Melee Evasion rate +1% to 5%

Keep in mind that just like the pre-existing skills (Yianaros’ Light, Pilgrim’s Steps, and Knight’s Defense), you can only learn one skill out of the possible six. You can acquire them by using the [Secret Book] Guild Tactics I to V. These books can be obtained from the Guild Military Supply Manager by exchanging the Resplendent Medal of Honor. The medal is just one of the many rewards that you can get from winning the war.

Balancing Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Absolute: Spinning Slash
    • Fixed the issue where damage was not applied when the skill was continued but Attack 2 activated Black Spirit: Spinning Slash
  • Core: Solar Flare
    • Fixed the issue where the distance traveled decreased when the skill was learned
Witch and Wizard
  • Elemental Flow
    • Improved the effect to be applied more easily when comboing with skills that use directional key inputs
  • Prime: Earth’s Response - Flow
    • Improved to now apply the Elemental Flow effect when comboed into other skills during cooldown
  • Prime: Voltaic Pulse
    • Changed the Critical Rate buff to +100% for PvE only
  • Prime: Equilibrium Break
    • Changed the Critical Hit Rate to +100% (for PvE only) and Damage Reduction Rate to -61.3% (for PvP only)
  • Gushing Waters
    • Improved to combo more smoothly into Hurricane Sweep
  • Added the "Nouverikant" title for Adventurers who have obtained both Nouverikant Armor and Nouverikant Helmet
    • You can obtain this title after completing the "Nouvermon" quest by talking to the Guest of the Mountain of Eternal Winter with both the Nouverikant Armor and Helmet equipped
    • If you've already completed the "Nouvermon" quest, talk to the Black Spirit to obtain the title

The full patch notes can be found on the game’s official website.

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