Black Desert Has Something Special to Start the New Year

Celebrate the new year.
Celebrate the new year. Pearl Abyss

Black Desert is welcoming the new year with some special updates and events. There’s a lot of interesting things, and sure to excite players of what the game has to offer this year.

Before we take a look at them, it’s safe to say that everyone has the chance to not only collect powerful rewards, but also make their current Nova characters even stronger.

So, what exactly is being offered right now? Well, players who manage to finish Black Spirit quests will receive rewards like Boxes Full of Wishes. These hand-out rewards include several special items. You need to do this quickly though since this is only given on January 1 and 2.

That didn't mean you should stop hunting. This is because those who can hunt until January get the Joyful Pouches of Fortune. With this, players can receive a special quest, which can give exclusive rewards and items.

Meanwhile, it’s now a bit easier to get into the game with the Combat Assistance function. This feature is aimed at helping new Adventurers, particularly those who aren’t yet familiar with the world of Black Desert. For one, it shows the direction of the nearest enemy on the screen. Hopefully, it helps new Adventurers to identify targets. It also lets players, especially new ones, attack nearby enemies when using skills.

Anything else? To celebrate the new year, World Boss Gear drop rates are doubled until January 13. That means Adventurers get a higher chance of acquiring weapons and sub-weapon boxes when they defeat World Bosses. Players who train with Scarecrows get additional buffs too. To further help players, the Books of Trainings are offered at a discounted price.

Finally, there’s a special login rewards event and Challenges available until January 20, offering various valuable items.

Black Desert is an open-world, action MMORPG. The highly developed character customization system ensures that players can come up with unique characters, which truly represent them. The intuitive controls combined with the extensive lore and beautifully-designed world make the game rather exciting.

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