Be Ready To Brawl As Run Roll Rumble Arrives On Steam

Nothing is ordinary in this new brawler.
Nothing is ordinary in this new brawler. Benua Softworks

If you're a fan of platformers and love brawlers just as much then you're sure to love Run Roll Rumble. Inspired by classics such as Gang Beasts, Super Smash Bros., and Stick Fight: The Game, the objective for players is to make their opponents fall off the stage. The game is now available on Steam and offered at a 20% discount until August 15.

The game is set in a peaceful and friendly neighborhood that feels rather "ordinary." However, life happens and conflicts arise, making fights inevitable. In the city of R3, everyone takes it a little bit further. While the characters are dressed ordinarily, they have superpowers and can perform super human jumps and punches. The crazy world makes it even more suitable for these awesome brawlers, as challenges and dangerous surprises in the arena will give them quite a hard time.

These multiplayer brawler game allows for a maximum of four players both for local and online. Key features of the game include:

  • Couch Party
    • Locally play with your friend in one computer using game pad and keyboard (for player 1 configurable through options)
  • Quick Match Online (Still on Beta)
    • Play with random folks on the internet join room up to 4 Player, on random lobby
  • Custom Online (Still on Beta)
    • Create Room up to 4 players online.

Core Gameplay features include:

  • Punch, Jump, Roll, Throw
  • Get special items and cast flashy spell
  • Win & Survive

Run Roll Rumble is being developed and published by Benua Softworks. The team currently has seven full time workers and four part time collaborators who put all their effort in creating and publishing multi-platform video games.

The game itself was originally developed by Matthew Marcellino who has since joined Benua Softworks. Marcellino has created countless indie titles of his own while he was studying computer science at Kalbis Institute. He agreed to join Benua as a full time developer to achieve bigger things together. With his strong technical background, the studio has been able to create things better and faster.

In addition to Run Roll Rumble, Benua is also currently working on a semi openworld hack and slash and puzzle game titled Proto-G. Originally set to be released this year, Benua has since revealed that the game may take longer to finish.

You can buy Run Roll Rumble on Steam here.

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