Here are Some Details of the Upcoming Battlefield Mobile Game

The series is coming to a new platform.
The series is coming to a new platform. EA

Back in April, it was announced that the Battlefield franchise was joining the mobile trend. Not much was released back then, but today, we finally have an idea of what the game is set to offer.

Battlefield Mobile is being developed by Industrial Toys with Head of Studio Alex Seropian revealing in a statement that they are excited to bring the game to life. He added that they have been fans of the series and can’t wait to offer the game to a new audience.

Battlefield Mobile is a first-person shooter coming to Android and iOS. No, it is not a companion or even a port of Battlefield 2042. Instead, it’s going to be an expansion of the franchise.

The game allows players to engage in army-scale warfare through the various fan-favorite modes like Conquest. While it’s to be released on mobile devices, players can expect HD console-quality along with robust text and chat plus high-fidelity sound.

Industrial Toys says that Battlefield Mobile is a good choice for those who want to set up those spectacular moments. That’s because players can enjoy this squad-based shooter with their friends as they make use of the different customizable weapons and vehicles.

The mobile game comes with the best gameplay that the franchise has to offer like:

  • True Battlefield Gameplay
    • Revamped class system.
    • 32-player games.
    • New and classic game modes like All-Out Warfare.
    • Massive maps.
    • Advanced squad play.
  • Best in Class Vehicles
    • Advanced articulation.
    • Multiple seats and seat swapping agenda of destruction.
    • Customizable controls.
  • Real-Time Destruction
    • Offers the physics of Battlefield to mobile.
    • Players experience the in-game destruction that Battlefield is known for.

Alpha Test

Battlefield Mobile is now accepting pre-registration on the Google Play Store for the upcoming Alpha Test. However, this test is limited for now to gamers in the Philippines.

Industrial Toys shared that the early tech test is a great way for players to experience the franchise on a new platform. Some of the maps that can be enjoyed are Damavand Peak, Noshahr Canals Grand Bazaar, and Operation Metro.

Learn more about the early playtest here.

What do you think? Excited about the mobile version?

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