Battlefield 2042: Update 3.3 Improves Scoreboard; Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle Now Available

Battlefield 2042
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EA and DICE have released Update 3.3 for Battlefield 2042. It adds improvements to the game’s scoreboard, and an exclusive bundle for those who have purchased the Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, Year 1 Pass, and Year 1 Pass and Ultimate Pack on or before February 1, 2022.

Improved Scoreboard

One of the things that you’ll notice when a match concludes is that the scoreboard now features a team vs. team split for certain team-based modes, including Conquest, Breakthrough, Rush, and Team Deathmatch. Deaths are recorded and placed on the scoreboard as well.

Aside from that, the match overview is improved, now situated on the left side of the screen. It still contains useful information, such as kills, assists, deaths, current in-game ping, objective progression, and ticket counters.

Improved Scoreboard
Improved Scoreboard EA

The improvements mentioned will likely satisfy most players as these are the things the community has been clamoring for since the game’s release. The developers said that this is just the first version of the scoreboard and further improvements will be added in future updates.

It is also worth mentioning that the devs will introduce the VOIP functionality for Squads in early April.

Exclusive Bundle

As a thank you to loyal fans, the developers have included the Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle in Update 3.3. The bundle contains the following:

  • Zero Resistance Skin for Mackay
  • Grasshopper Weapon Skin for the K30
  • Rapid Hammer Weapon Skin for the M44
  • Iron Chariot Vehicle Skin for the M5C Bolte
  • Rib Tickler Melee Weapon Skin
  • Resolute Player Card Background
  • The Steadfast Player Card Icon
Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle
Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle EA

The items contained in the exclusive bundle can be found in the Collection and Playercard screens upon logging in.


  • Fixed a game crash that could occur on Origin or Xbox One when signing in or out while using an Xbox One controller
  • Setting “Chat” Key Bindings no longer requires a game restart to take effect
  • Adjusted Aim Assist on consoles to ensure that the system is in effect when analog sticks are at 100% of their range. Previously it was only active at ranges below 100%
  • Fixed a bug where takedowns would not result in a kill on Xbox One and PlayStation 4
  • Established new location for our EU Data Center as Frankfurt
  • Conquest and Breakthrough: Fixed a bug where the Securing Objective XP-event was triggered even after a Capture Point was already fully captured
  • Hazard Zone: Fixed a visual bug displaying squad mates during the match found sequence
  • Hazard Zone: Fixed a bug where the End of Round XP gains sometimes didn’t trigger

Battlefield 2042 Update 3.3 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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