Battle Realms: Zen Edition Update 1.57 New Maps, Crashing Issues Fixed, and More

Battle Realms: Zen Edition Update 1.57 New Maps, Crashing Issues Fixed, And More
Battle Realms: Zen Edition Update 1.57 New Maps, Crashing Issues Fixed, And More steam

Ed Del Castillo, the developer of Battle Realms: Zen Edition, recently released a new update that fixes tons of bugs. The developers have finally fixed a major issue that prevented the game's development from progressing. They found a breakthrough that allowed both the original BR code and the SteamBR code to work together. As such, this should make the game more stable and more enjoyable to play. Some crash issues have been resolved as well, including a crash linked to the game being minimized for too long.

Apart from fixes, the developers have added 29 new maps varying from two-player maps to eight-player maps, so take your time and learn them all. More details about the maps can be found in the patch notes.

Battle Realms: Zen Edition Update 1.57

Bug Fixes


  • Drastically reduced the amount of Sync Errors in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed flickering in Journey cinematics.
  • Fixed the "Black Squares" bug related to the field of view. Normally you'd see black squares (unrendered terrain when changing FoV with mouse wheel).
  • Fixed various UI bugs.
  • Fixed chat messages (sometimes a certain combination of characters would crash the game, the famous "%a" as an example).
  • Fixed the "Invisible Rendering" bug that occurred due to Wolf Pitch Slinger's attacks.
  • Fixed random crashes when playing.
  • Fixed crashes that occurred if the game had been minimized for too long.


  • Peasants should not force repair/construct a building on fire.



  • Multiplayer stabilization: improved speed and performance for games with more than 2 players. That means you can close this changelog right now and flood the Steam Multiplayer to have some delightful games with other players or with our improved AI. :)
  • By popular request, we restored the original camera zoom, but added extended rotation over new FoV: you will experience game's original zoom but adapted to new FoV, so evaluating terrain height will no longer be an issue. We hope this hybrid zoom will suit everyone.


We've introduced a couple of Unit AI features to improve the normal behaviors of certain units.

  • Unit AI: Melee units now engage in combat in a wiser way: originally they rushed all-in to the weakest enemies they could find, now they will keep their priorities while preferring unengaged units as well. So, by default, units will essentially try to engage as many troops as they can, instead of just ganging on the weakest units.
  • Unit AI: Healers will now walk on the battlefield aiding those in need. Normal walking if everything's OK and running if a unit is dying.
  • Unit AI: Melee units with secondary weapons (Dragon Warrior, Kabuki Warrior, Samurai & Bandit) will prioritize their melee weapon over their secondary (missile) one.

You can read more about the update here.

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