Battalion 1944 Reveals Upcoming 12-Month Roadmap

Battalion 1944 reveals upcoming roadmap.
Battalion 1944 reveals upcoming roadmap. Bulkhead Interactive

Battalion 1944 officially unveiled its roadmap for the next 12 months of free content. In addition to the free content and the assurance of updates for players, developer Bulkhead Interactive also revealed that it is supporting the game's esports scene.

Battalion 1944 revealed that players can expect a huge meta shift after the planned huge content release in early 2020:

  • Celebrating one year of Battalion 1944 with a HUGE content release.
  • British faction added to competitive reworks of Savoia, Docks and Invasion.
  • British weapons added - yeah you heard that right Lee Enfield fans!
  • Everything usually included within a seasonal update.
  • Additional languages support.

Other details of the roadmap include:

  • Weekly News Update & Special Event Map Rotation
  • (Starting with the Summer Seasonal Update, August 1st 2019)
    • Different map added to Special Event rotation every week.
    • General hotfixes & smaller bug fixes if required weekly.
    • Development previews, map playtesting & teasers.
  • Larger Seasonal Updates (Roughly 8 weeks apart)
  • Summer Update, Autumn Update, Winter Update, Spring Update
    • New arcade & special event game modes.
    • New BattleRank season (new & unique skins).
    • New FACEIT competitive seasons (with improvements).
    • New War Chests (with new items).
    • Map reworks released.
    • Larger community requested features.
    • Larger bug fixes.
    • Surprise features & additions.
  • Mid Season Updates (Roughly 4 Weeks into a season)
  • Smaller Updates between Seasonal Updates (Roughly 4 weeks apart)
    • Weapon balance & meta changes.
    • New FACEIT competitive season.
    • Weapon and animation/audio overhauls.
    • Map rework playtesting.
    • Smaller community requested quality of life changes.
    • Bug Fixes.

Tournament & Competition Support

Battalion 1994 said that it recently began the Blitzkrieg Open and Premier Leagues ran by ThePlays, offering $20,000 in prize winnings for the most dedicated Battalion players. This was only the first step in the plan to slowly and steadily grow the competitive scene of Battalion 1944.

The team at Battalion 1994 said they are serious about growing Battalion from it’s grass routes beginnings as a competitive shooter, over the next year and beyond. Indeed, the team is happy to announce that they are committing $650,000 towards the growth of multiple Battalion esports events. This doesn’t mean this is the only funding available for the future of Battalion, as things grow the develoeprs intend to also grow support of the competitive community.

The team was planning multiple tournaments and events to give all players big reasons to play and improve at the game:

  • FACEIT Pro Series - An event geared towards pro level teams.
  • Major with Online Qualifiers.
  • Championships played in multiple regions.
  • Blitzkieg Premier and Open League support.
  • Online Tournament Support.

Finally the team at Bulkhead Interactive said that its last update detailed the renewed interest in commitment to long term support and growth. While this won't happen overnight, the team said recommitment to the game from them and Square Enix is an exciting prospect for the Battalion 1944 community.

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