Rocket League's Roadmap For Fall 2019 Officially Revealed

New Rocket Pass, plus some news regarding Competitive Seasons 11 and 12.
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Psyonix officially unveiled their Fall 2019 plans for Rocket League.
Psyonix officially unveiled their Fall 2019 plans for Rocket League. Psyonix

The Rocket League Fall 2019 Roadmap has just been unveiled on the game’s official website, revealing plans regarding the game’s Rocket Pass, updates for its competitive season, and tons of new information to look out for.

First off is news regarding Rocket Pass. The developers have listened to their player base feedback regarding the gap between Rocker Pass 2 and Rocket Pass 3 being too long. So as an answer, they will be extending Rocket Pass 3 to the beginning of Rocket Pass 4. This means that Rocket Pass 3 will be up and running until August 27, however, during this time there will be no new Weekly Challenges. The following Rocket Pass will also be the first to experience a slight change in the Weekly Challenge System, wherein challenges will stay active throughout its duration.

Up next is just a reminder that Competitive Season 11 will be ending on August 27 and will be immediately followed by Season 12 on the same day after a title update. So make sure to keep grinding if you want to earn unique rewards which will soon be unveiled near the end of this season.

The rest of the changes include Audio updates that will take place in the August 27 update. So by next season, Rocket League will now provide HDR Audio. Players should expect more information about this in the following weeks.

As for the plans farther down the road, here's what’s included in the Fall 2019 Roadmap:

  • New Stats: two new stats are being added to all game modes. “High Five” and “Low Five”. You can pull off a High Five by hitting your teammate in midair after scoring, low five is the same thing but instead of bumping midair, you’re on the groud. Also, Hoops is getting its own new stat named “Swish”. If you score without the ball touching the rim, you will achieve Swish.
  • Return of Haunted Hallows: No news has been announced yet, but Rocket League’s Halloween celebration aims to top the current Radical Summer event
  • New and improved tournaments: This is for those who just want to compete. A revamped and improved tournament system should come in the latter part of 2019. Planned improvements include having automated, scheduled tournaments in-game that the players can join.

Lastly, Psyonix has announced that all previous content originally announced for the May Roadmap is still under development. This includes the Party-Up System, Inventory Management, and quality of life improvement to the P2P trading system.

Rocket League is now available to play on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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