Baptiste Release Date: Next Overwatch Character Comes To PS4, Xbox One And PC Next Week

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Baptiste is playable for everyone on March 19
Baptiste is playable for everyone on March 19 Blizzard

The next Overwatch hero is coming to consoles and live servers on PC starting next week. Baptiste has been available to play on PC test servers since he was revealed, but will be available for everyone on March 19.

Baptiste is a support hero and a battle-hardened combat medic. His main weapon is the Biotic Launcher, which both heals allies and deals damage to enemies. The Biotic Launcher uses a three-shot burst when firing bullets, and can lob projectiles that heal on impact.

Like other heroes, Baptiste has three special abilities, as well as a special movement ability. His Regenerative Burst move heals himself and all nearby allies over time. The Immortality Field is exactly as it sounds, with Baptiste creating a generator that keeps allies from dying. Watch out though, as the generator can be destroyed. Baptiste’s ultimate ability is Amplification Matrix. This move generates a matrix that doubles both the damage and healing of all projectiles shot through it. This means it can be used to both heal your team quickly and deal massive damage to enemies.

As an added bonus, Baptiste has a special movement ability. Called Exo Boots, Baptiste can jump higher when jumping from a crouched position.

Baptiste's Amplification Matrix in action
Baptiste's Amplification Matrix in action Blizzard

In terms of story, Baptiste hails from Haiti, where he initially served in the Caribbean Coalition. He was recruited by Talon, and worked for the organization until he realized Talon only perpetuated the cycle of violence felt since the Omnic Crisis. Baptiste now works by himself, trying to help the victims of war find a better life.

Baptiste’s push off of the PTR and onto live servers and consoles happens on March 19. Overwatch servers will likely experience a minor downtime as the Baptiste update is applied, and then the new support hero will be available for everyone to try. On PC, Xbox One and PS4. Expect Blizzard to release some new patch notes with the update as well.

So what do you think? Are you excited to play as Baptiste once Overwatch updates on March 19? Have you already tried out Baptiste on the test servers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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