Combat Medic Baptiste Joins Overwatch Hero Roster

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Combat Medic Baptiste
Combat Medic Baptiste Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed the newest Overwatch hero to join the roster is Jean-Baptiste Augustin. A support hero, Baptiste becomes the 30th hero of Overwatch once he is officially released.

As a battle-hardened combat medic, Baptiste makes use of a wide variety of weapons and experimental devices to support allies and take out enemies.

According to his biography as published on the Overwatch website, Baptiste hails from Tortuga, Haiti, and was one of the 30 million children orphaned as a result of the Onmic Crisis. Due to the limited amount of resources and opportunities, he joined the military and became part of the Caribbean Coalition. Having a desire to help people, Baptiste's time in the military is when he decide to become a combat medic.

Once his military service was complete, Baptiste found it difficult to a find a demand for his rather unique skills. This led him to join the Talon mercenary group. With most of Talon's missions being relatively easy and paying well, Baptiste finally had a taste of the good life. He also made sure to set aside some of the money he earned to put up a clinic in his hometown. Talon would expand its operations to include assassination and actions that would result in civilian casualties which gave Baptiste no choice but to leave the group. While Talon would send people after Baptiste, he would manage to fend off these attacks.

For now Baptise fights for a better world and, as he says in his origin story video, it can mean a bandage for some and a bullet for others.

Baptiste's skills include "Biotic Launcher," which rewards recoil control and accuracy with a rather significant damage output. This also functions as a healing device by lobbing projectiles and healing allies near the point of impact.

"Regenerative Burst" allows Baptiste to heal himself and allies who are nearby over time. "Immortality Field" has the hero create a field to prevent any of his allies from dying. Enemies can destroy the field generator.

"Amplification Matrix" is a skill where Baptiste creates a matrix that can double the healing effects or double the damage of friendly projectiles that go through it. Finally, there is "Exo Boots" which allows Baptiste to jump higher.

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