Baptiste And Symmetra Changes Live On Overwatch PTR

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Baptiste Updates Live on PTR
Baptiste Updates Live on PTR TechSpot

Overwatch’s newest hero, Baptiste, is getting some minor changes on the game’s public test region, along with some new balance changes for Symmetra.

Along with some bug fixes and minor hero changes, the most significant change is going to Baptiste’s ultimate. While it may sound more like a visuals update, developers have altered Baptiste's Amplification Matrix to look and feel more like a field, not the shield it looked like prior to the changes. The update aims to make the distinction much clearer.

Symmetra, on the other hand, gets a direct buff this update. The new changes allow her to charge her Photon Projector’s primary attack damage up to 20 percent faster. This was done to help Symmetra reach peak damage levels more frequently and more consistently, according to developers.


Amplification Matrix

  • Made significant changes to its appearance

Developer Comments: When we originally released Amplification Matrix, we felt like it looked a little too much like a shield. These changes will make it clear that this is a field and not a shield.


Photon Projector

  • Primary Fire’s damage ramps up 20% faster

Developer Comments: This will allow Symmetra to more consistently reach peak damage output from her Photon Projector.

While the Symmetra changes are definitely worth a look, with players undoubtedly curious to see how it will affect her effectiveness as a defense hero in the PTR, all eyes are still on Baptiste. The newest hero went live on PTR a week ago, bringing with him some unique and definitely game-changing abilities. Baptiste is going to shake things up for the online team-based shooter, and many of its pro players have gone into deep speculation as to just how much things are going to change with the onset of temporary invulnerability as a non-ultimate ability.

The other changes in this update include a few bug fixes, including some funny ones such as fixing the hanging tires that cause D.Va self-destructs to rotate on the Horizon Lunar Colony.

Symmetra’s always been the object of controversy with game-changing abilities and plenty of versatility, and Baptiste looks like he’s all set to dominate the Overwatch support picks. While Overwatch devs more or less do a great job at balancing the game, we want to know what you think. Will Baptiste wreck teams the way most new heroes do fresh off of PTR? Or is his kit something you can manage with effective counter-play? Let us know in the comments section!

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