Baldur's Gate: The Holy Paladin Ready to Sanctify the Undead in Patch 9

Patch 9
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Larian Studios wants the Baldur’s Gate 3 community to enjoy the rest of the year with an update that will keep them busy until 2023. So, the company released Patch 9 and it does not disappoint.

The main highlight of Patch 9 is the introduction of a new class called the Paladin, boasting a mix of offense and support. The Paladin possesses abilities that can smite the undead while providing support and healing to their allies as well.

New Class

The Paladin comes with two main subclasses and one “hidden” subclass. The first is the Oath of the Ancients - a subclass with the Healing Radiance ability. Healing Radiance calls upon the Paladin’s oath to let nature heal nearby allies.

The second subclass is called Oath of Devotion. Paladins specializing in this route can cast Holy Rebuke on their allies. Holy Rebuke is an aura given by the Paladin to an ally that grants Radiant Damage, damaging foes hit by melee attacks.

As mentioned earlier, the Paladin has one “hidden” subclass known as the Oathbreaker. These are holy warriors who have deliberately gone against their code.

Players must first decide whether to take the Oath of the Ancients or the Oath of Devotion to become an Oathbreaker. Afterward, players must do specific actions based on the subclass they have selected.

For instance, players who chose the Oath of Devotion must torture Liam at the Shattered Sanctum.

Unlike the first two subclasses, the Oathbreaker has the power to control the undead, which can be handy in some situations.

Here are the other things included in Patch 9:

  • Increased the level cap to Level 5.
  • Added the Fly spell.
  • Revamped the Reactions system.
  • Rebalanced combat encounters in late Act 1.
  • Added new spells and spell scrolls.
  • Added a ping system, usable outside of combat and during your turn in combat.
  • Overhauled the tooltips.
  • Extended Combat Cams to player and enemy melee Critical Hits, summons, Wild Shapes, and several spells and abilities.
  • Added Command spell variants.
  • Made Minthara a paladin.
  • You can now delete save files by playthrough.
  • Added a new Level Up button and improved visual cues for leveling.
  • Added female human and elf heads to Character Creation.
  • Characters who attempt to play an instrument they're not Proficient with now fail spectacularly.
  • Removed non-wizard spell scrolls from NPCs except Revivify, Summon Quasit, True Resurrection, and Speak with Dead.
  • Added shop triggers. If you try to pick up items owned by certain traders, they will offer to trade.
  • Mage Hand no longer prevents you from summoning Ranger's Companions and familiars.
  • You now accrue dirt and blood more slowly, Prone makes you a bit dirtier, and Wet cleans you.

So, what can you say about the Paladin?

Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 9 is available on PC.

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