Baldur's Gate 3: Hotfix 21 Resolves Numerous Crashing Issues

Hotfix 21
Hotfix 21 Steam

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a new patch that you need to download right away. That’s because Hotfix 21 resolves numerous crashing issues, especially the crash that occurs when changing the selected character multiple times in a row.

Hotfix 21 also brings some needed improvements. For instance, you can now drag items into a character’s inventory even if it’s empty. Additionally, you can now drop items in the custom Hotbar, giving you easy access to the items that you need the most.

The developers pointed out an issue regarding containers as well. In the previous hotfix, some of your party members forgot to close containers even after dropping items into them. This is now addressed.

A couple of overlapping issues have been resolved too. For one, item icons no longer overlap in a single cell in your inventory when trying to equip something that is already equipped by another character. Furthermore, splitting an item stack in the party panel no longer causes portraits of your followers or summons to overlap the user interface.


  • The game no longer crashes if you move items to the custom Hotbar and stack those items in your inventory. This crash also occurred if you tried to throw the stacked items using the item icon on the Hotbar
  • The game no longer crashes if you try to join a multiplayer session with no controllable characters. You will now be unable to join the session
  • The game no longer crashes when the Examine panel is open and you try to resize the game's window
  • The game no longer crashes if you hover the cursor over the icon of the pouch containing the Spider Egg Sac after opening the pouch
  • Entering Turn-Based Mode with the filtered view enabled no longer blocks all the filtered Actions and Spells
  • You can now interact with containers (opened or dropped) once you pick them up and put them in your inventory
  • Changing the resolution mid-game no longer causes the minimap to rotate incorrectly when you rotate the in-game camera
  • Basic Actions whilst in Wild Shape form no longer have duplicates in the Hotbar
  • An item's context menu can now be opened in a character's inventory when in the Character Sheet and Party Panel
  • Inventory cells no longer change position and size if the slot is filled with an item
  • Equipping a two-handed weapon now grays out the off-hand weapon slot in the Character Sheet
  • Fixed the DLSS and FSR graphical settings in the Options menu
  • Fixed issues with enabling the SMAA graphical settings in the Options menu

Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix 21 is available on PC.

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