Baldur's Gate 3: Hotfix 20 Brings the Barbarian to Mac

Hotfix 20
Hotfix 20 Steam

Developer Larian Studios have launched Hotfix 20 for Baldur’s Gate 3. This is a pretty hefty update that brings a lot of improvements and bug fixes. It also brings Patch 7 to Mac users, meaning they can now play as the Barbarian and its two new subclasses.

Speaking of the Barbarian, using Frenzy or Animal Rage now drops concentration, required by some spells to keep them active in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Characters can no longer jump off a high wall as the pathfinding logic has been corrected. Because of this, they will now use a ladder to get down safely. Also, if one person is currently in dialogue with an NPC in multiplayer mode, all party members are now able to vote and exit the dialogue as originally intended.

Hotfix 20 Highlights

  • Closing containers no longer crashes the game
  • The game no longer crashes if you are navigating between the Character Features tab and the Inventory and Equipment tab
  • Corpse looting no longer causes a random crash
  • Luring Song now affects characters within range
  • You no longer jitter during the jump into the chasm to the Underdark
  • You no longer get stuck in terrain at the crash site
  • NPCs will now react appropriately if Minor Illusion is cast nearby
  • Dead characters now remain highlighted if they have been selected
  • The camera no longer gets stuck zoomed out when you finish combat in the Brain Drain lab room on the nautiloid
  • Both Improvised and Thrown weapons now use the correct preview models
  • Clicking on the equipment slot no longer triggers the point-and-click reaction
  • You are now able to drag large amounts of gold between character inventories
  • Character conditions are now consistently indicated with a purple dot on both the Party Line and the Combat Turn Order UI
  • While in the Trading UI, hovering over +1 weapons will now display the correct amount of damage
  • The UI element for Summons, Familiars, and Followers is no longer empty
  • Selected characters are now highlighted with a more obvious border in the Party Panel view
  • Class icons are no longer missing their frame designs in Character Creation
  • Wild Magic Surge no longer has placeholder icons
  • In the multiplayer lobby, all player slots are now open by default
  • When using a controller, the text cursor now appears at the end of the string when you try to input text
  • The HDR Calibration window is no longer skipped if you are running the game on an HDR-capable device

The full patch notes can be found on the official Steam page of Baldur’s Gate 3.

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