Back 4 Blood Dares You to Enter the Tunnels of Terror

Are you ready to face new horrors?
Are you ready to face new horrors? Turtle Rock Studios

The first expansion for Back 4 Blood is finally here. Tunnels of Terror arrives in the game courtesy of the April 2022 Update. Explore Ridden Hives and play as the new Cleaners Heng and Sharice. There are also exciting Legendary weapons for everyone to discover.

Here are some of the new content that players can look forward to:

  • 7 Ridden Hives
    • Newly-sighted strains of Ridden guard incredible treasures in their underground labyrinthine lairs.
    • Raze Ridden Hives and those who survive can take powerful weapons and items.
  • 2 New Cleaners: Heng and Sharice
    • Two new Cleaners join the fight.
    • Craft Makeshift Armor as the stalwart Sharice, or pick the ever-resourceful Heng to provide additional supplies along with visibility on obscured items and Prepper Stashes.
    • These two new Cleaners are accessible in both Campaign and Swarm PvP for DLC owners.
    • They're unlockable in Swarm PvP for non-DLC owners.
  • 3 New Warped Ridden in Campaign and Swarm PvP
  • Skull Totem Supply Lines
    • Find Skull Totems within Ridden Hives and exchange them for all-new items and cosmetics, available in Skull Totem Supply Lines.
  • ​7 Legendary Weapons
  • 13 Legendary Attachments
  • 12 New Achievements and Accomplishments
  • New Difficulty: No Hope
    • Relentless Ridden forces are sure to tear players apart in a new and hair-raising difficulty known as No Hope.
    • Cleaners who conquer the highest difficulty mode will reap significant rewards and prove their place amongst the best of the best.
  • 12 New Player cards
  • 5 New Director cards, 2 of them Ridden Hive specific
  • New character skins
  • New weapon skins
  • New banners, sprays, and emblems

Since the expansion arrives with a new update, it means changes are coming to the game, such as:

  • Improved environment reflections throughout the game.
  • Added various minor improvements to water visuals.
  • Added improvements to Flashlight visuals.
  • Pinged waypoints are now color-tinted to represent item's tier.
  • Reduced number of Alarm Doors on Campaign Maps.
  • Players can no longer take damage before saferoom doors open.
  • Added an additional Life to Nightmare difficulty and Swarm in preparation for Mom's passive ability adjustment.
  • Removed timed objectives.
  • Move Speed buffs/debuffs no longer affect Sprint Speed.
  • Catch-up weapons now roll with attachments based on Act progression.
  • Rescaled Attachment spawn rates to better synergize with the new Weaponsmith functionality.
  • All standard player card purchase costs normalized to 500 copper.
  • Global Temporary Decay rate reduced to 1.75 from 2.
  • Tallboys and their variants can no longer cause cars to explode.

Read more about the new expansion and patch notes here.

Back 4 Blood is a cooperative first-person shooter released in October 2021. The game puts you at the center of a war against the Ridden. These are the once-human hosts of a deadly parasite that have turned into terrifying creatures bent on devouring what remains of civilization. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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