Back 4 Blood has Reached 10 Million Players

Congrats! Turtle Rock Studios

A new milestone has been reached for Back 4 Blood as the game breached the 10-million-player mark. It’s indeed impressive considering it was only released back in October 2021. This also makes it the best-selling new IP on consoles for developer Turtle Rock Studios.

In a statement, Turtle Rock President and General Manager Steve Goldstein shared that to reach that number of players in a short time is not only historic for the studio but also for the franchise. He added that they’re excited to keep the momentum and one way to do this is the upcoming expansion. Goldstein went on to say that the new expansion is set to offer more cooperative content for everyone.

A new expansion is set to be released this April 12. The Tunnels of Terror is going to be the first major downloadable content for the game, which can be purchased as a standalone or part of the Back 4 Blood: Ultimate Edition, Back 4 Blood: Deluxe Edition, and Back 4 Blood Annual Pass.

New Co-op Activity

One feature that players can expect is the new co-op activity known as Ridden Hives. There will be seven different dungeons full of twisted tunnels under Evansburgh. All of them are going to be infested with the new Ridden type called Warped Ridden.

There are exclusive loot and rewards offered in Ridden Hives and to get them, players need to outmaneuver and overcome the Warped Ridden. Of course, there are also the usual monstrous Shredders, damage-dealing Rippers, and landmine-setting Urchins.

Other New Content

The upcoming expansion is also set to introduce two new playable Cleaners. The first is the ax-wielding firefighter Sharice with the second one being the tough as nails and no-nonsense restaurateur Heng.

Players can also expect to see, among others, eight exclusive character skins, seven new legendary weapons, 12 new weapon skins, and new cards.

By the way, all playable content that’s part of the new expansion is going to be accessible by all players in a party as long as one player in that party has bought the expansion. In addition, Turtle Rock revealed that there won’t be any microtransactions, cosmetic or otherwise.

Back 4 Blood is a first-person co-op zombie shooter from the same creators that made the critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead series. The game is available on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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