Back 4 Blood: Latest Update Brings Quality of Life, Balancing Changes

Back 4 Blood
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Turtle Rock Studios has something special in their hands as Back 4 Blood, considered the successor to Left 4 Dead, is doing well. It has a mostly positive rating on Steam, which means that this zombie shooter is hitting the right notes.

That said, the game has a new major update that brings in a lot of quality of life and balancing changes.

If you are wondering where the Solo Campaign went, it is actually renamed “Training.” If you continue a run in Training mode, all weapons will no longer revert to their default loadout.

Another major change is that All Cleaners, meaning all of the main characters, are now available without having to complete The Devil’s Return - the Crossing campaign.

Some adjustments were implemented to the Cards. Batter Up, for example, has its Melee Damage bonus decreased to 40%. True Grit, on the other hand, has been buffed as its healing effect is increased to 10.

Update Highlights

  • All Cleaners are now immediately available to use. Players are no longer required to finish The Devil's Return - The Crossing campaign chapter to unlock Doc, Karlee, Hoffman, and Jim
  • Completing any campaign chapter now unlocks all previous chapters
  • In-Game Voice Chat can now be disabled in the Audio Options
  • Added mute icon to HUD for players with voice chat off or who have been muted
  • Weapons no longer revert to their default loadout when continuing a run in Training (previously named "Solo Campaign")
  • Bots now use defibrillators more effectively
  • Improved character behavior when dropping and picking up items in certain locations
  • Negative ammo capacity effects from cards now apply instantly after the card is drawn
  • Batter Up: Melee Damage adjusted to 40%
  • Brazen: Stamina efficiency adjusted to 20%
  • Face Your Fears: Adjusted to 2 Temporary Health from 3
  • Ignore The Pain: Now restores health instead of providing Temporary Health
  • True Grit: Heal increased to 10
  • Quick player-input movements are now smoother
  • Rebalanced Supply Point rewards for all campaign chapters in all difficulties
  • Adjusted Supply Points earned for completing the Speed Run objective
  • Readjusted Abomination health values on Nightmare difficulty
  • Secondary Weapons no longer require a reload in the next safe room
  • Weapon swap animation now displays properly when equipping different Secondary Weapons
  • Bat movement speed increased to 410
  • Bats must do 50% more damage to stumble Ridden
  • Axe movement speed increased to 395
  • Axe damage reduced to 70
  • Axe stumble damage scale reduced to 0.5
  • Hatchet damage reduced to 40

You can read the full patch notes by heading to the game’s official Steam page.

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