Arrow Season 6 Episode 12 Recap: The Last Black Canary Standing

Dinah Drake used to be an undercover detective in Central City.
Dinah Drake used to be an undercover detective in Central City. CW

Arrow Season 6 episode 12, “All For Nothing,” culminated with huge conflict: Black Canary vs. Black Canary. Spoilers for the most recent episode of Arrow follow.

Green Arrow, Felicity and Diggle didn’t realize Black Canary, Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific were relying on Vigilante for inside information about Cayden James’ operation. Turns out, he’s been undercover the entire time. Felicity thinks the only way to find out where Cayden James planted the bomb is for Vigilante, aka Vince, to hack information from Cayden James’ server. That means Vince has to sneak into James’ computer lab to manually download the data to a hard drive. Even though Black Canary warns him it’s not a good idea, Vince and Oliver decide that it’s their only option. He goes in alone, gets the job done, but gets caught on his way out.

Green Arrow argues against going in to save Vince. Vigilante, like himself, knew what he was getting into. But Black Canary isn’t having it. She, Mr. Terrific and Wild Dog go to James’ hideout to rescue Vince. They get there in time, but not before James’ releases another bomb that traps Black Canary underneath rubble. She can’t get up in time before she watches her boyfriend die in one of the most terrifying ways we’ve ever seen on Arrow. Since Vigilante is somewhat invulnerable because of his advanced healing, Black Siren gets right up in his ear and does her Canary Cry, turning his entire face purple and basically blowing out his brain. It was slow and torturous.

After Black Canary accepts the fact Vince is gone for good, she makes a vow to stop working with Team Arrow and go after Cayden James and his villain possy by herself. First on her list is Black Siren. With Black Siren’s redemption arc seemingly over after that brutal death, it seems there’s only room for one Black Canary on Arrow.

For Team Arrow, though, Vince’s death wasn’t all for nothing. The data he acquired revealed why Cayden James thinks Green Arrow killed his son, Owen. Camera footage shows Green Arrow miss a shot, sending an arrow into an innocent teenager doing his homework in a nearby building. But Felicity discovers that footage has been altered by the same person who altered the photo that sparked an investigation into Oliver Queen being Green Arrow earlier this season. It seems there’s a higher power at work here who is responsible for baiting James’ into believing Green Arrow killed his son.

Any idea who this mysterious villain in the shadows could be? Who do you think would win in a fight between Black Canary and Black Siren? Let us know in the comments.

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