Arknights Invites You to the Interlocking Competition Event

Try out the new game mode.
Try out the new game mode. Twitter/@ArknightsEN

Arknights has launched a new event called the Interlocking Competition: Hymnoi Wisdom, which comes with unique rewards. There are also new outfits, a new furniture set, and even a new Operator. The event started on December 29 and runs until January 8.

What is the Interlocking Competition Event all about? It features three stages: Training Base, Final Proving Ground, and Post. Players must complete these stages in sequential order. During the entire event, players have the chance to farm the exclusive reward called Competition Medals. These can then be redeemed in the event store for growth materials and Podenco's “Wake Up From a Nap” outfit.

It's worth noting that players can choose whether the clearing Squad will garrison once the Post is cleared. Garrisoned Operators won’t be able to take part in other stages of Post and Final Proving Ground.

For each garrisoned stage in Post, there’s an additional Special OpFor Unit that enters the Final Proving Ground to increase the stage difficulty. Those able to beat these Special OpFor Units get more rewards.

Overall, players need to choose which Operators should be involved in the battle and find the best solution for each stage.

New Operator

The event introduces a new Operator in Pallas, a 6-Star Guard and priestess from Minoan. She has good damage-dealing ability and buffs for allies. Her first skill, for instance, allows her next attack to deal more damage while also attacking twice consecutively. When Pallas activates her second skill, she gets the chance to stun a target.

Empowered by her first talent, Pallas can offer all Minoan Operators an ATK increase when their HP goes above a certain percentage. For her second talent, she can restore HP for herself and the Operator in the tile ahead when she hits against an enemy.

In terms of strategy, it’s good to deploy Pallas behind other Operators.

New Offers at the Store

At the event store, players can get their hands on these three new outfits:

  • “Weißer Sand” for Beeswax
  • “Londinium Style Miko” for Tsukinogi
  • “Leisurely Afternoon” for Perfumer.

These re-edition outfits are also available:

  • “Shimmering Dew SD01” for Nearl
  • “Summer Flowers FA008” for Rope

Finally, there is the new furniture set The Photography Hobbyist's Studio, which replaces the furniture set White Wilderness in lucky drop. There’s no need to worry since White Wilderness is still available at the Store.

Arknights is available on Android and iOS.

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